Locavore Nation at Splendid Table

Whether or not you love Lynne Rosetto Kasper, there are all kinds of reasons to love The Splendid Table.  Both the radio show (at 2pm on Sundays on WUOM - thanks for the correction) and the website. I don't visit their website often enough, but there are great recipe ideas and menus, book reviews, podcasts, stories I missed, and as I discovered the other day - Locavore Nation. They say:

"Locavore Nation is a year-long effort to discover what it takes to obtain, prepare and eat a sustainable, regionally based diet.

Join us as 15 individuals from around the country share their experiences as they try to get 80 percent of their food from local, organic, seasonal sources and then incorporate it into tasty, healthy meals. Can they do it? Check back often as their stories unfold—and offer your comments on their actions along the way."

Do you remember when the Splendid Table was doing that survey about who was eating locally and then got thousands more responses  than they had anticipated? Well, that's when they started  Locavore Nation back in January 2008 that's chronicling the triumphs and the travails of  15 new locavores for an entire year.  We have one here in Michigan - Donna McClurkan lives in Kalamazoo and posts on their Central Region blog. How cool is that? 

One of her fellow bloggers from Wisconsin writes:

"One thing I have noticed over the last nine months is that I have more respect for food. I thought I had always respected food before this experiment. I love food, love growing it and making it. But I didn't truly respect it, I treated it as a commodity. I would say things to myself and others like,"why grow potatoes, when you can buy them so cheaply in the store?" And though that might be practical, it is not respectful. Yes, I might be able to buy cheap potatoes in the store, but what are the real consequences of cheap potatoes? I didn't think before about that potato's environmental footprint-not just its carbon footprint; or how by buying it I was contributing to the lack of genetic diversity of the potato; or how I was indirectly supporting a less diverse economy; or how I was destroying my kids future!!! (just kidding about that). All with a single bag of potatoes. The guilt is overwhelming..."

Heh heh - what locavore hasn't felt the guilt of the entire planet resting on the decision of whether to buy a banana?  Apparently, only the ones in Hawaii. Anyhow, it's fun reading about what everyone is eating and how they're finding it.  

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