Unexpected Coffee Goodness on Mainstreet Chelsea

I'm thinking Ali is going to be very excited to see these photos of what has to be the most beautiful espresso machine in the tri-county area.  After visiting Mill Pond, Krystn took me over to the Chelsea Gallery where behind the most beautiful and comfortable bar I've seen around here resides what is arguably the handsomest beaten copper espresso machine ever.  Owners Doris and Gary decided that if they were going to make espresso in their art gallery space, they needed to have a machine that was also a piece of art.  When you're there, note the mirror wall in back that lets you have a view of what the barista is doing. Very nice details in a really lovely shop.  This was more of a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" experience than the Norman Rockwell feeling earlier. 

I must also note that we did not pay Ann Arbor prices for inferior coffee.  It was a very nice (Roos Roast) coffee and together with the view of the shiny, shiny caffeine-ator, quite a deal. 

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