The Fastest Food

Is leftovers. It's also my favorite food group after toast.  There are at least 2 kinds of leftovers - the kind that just needs to be re-heated to be eaten and the kind that needs to be made into something new and exciting. 

I was in my 30s before I finally got a microwave that made the re-heating part push-button simple. I still have a tiny bit of that feeling that we should be wearing tinfoil hats when we turn it on, but I've learned to stop worrying and love the expedience. It helps that our microwave was purchased mainly because it includes a built in toaster. Tonight's dinner of (leftover) jerusalem artichoke soup with toast just needed the one appliance. What could be more perfect? Or speedy?

Even though she always worked until 5pm, my mom made dinner for us every night out of whatever was in the fridge.  Like everything I do in the kitchen, I learned the art of turning an artichoke, 3 sunflower seeds and a sausage into a tasty meal from my mom as well. The main difference between us is that my mom (like Ginger Rodgers, who did everything Fred Astaire did backwards and in high heels) didn't have Epicurious.  

Epicurious is my secret kitchen weapon. Need to use up some parsnips? Only 182 different recipes for ideas.  We've eaten that fantastic Ernst Farm chicken I roasted last Sunday 4 different ways (roasted for Sunday dinner, then in spicy peanut noodle salad, in chicken potpie, and in the jerusalem artichoke soup) and I still have a big container of chicken broth in the fridge that needs to be used up. Looking up chicken broth - 2363 results.  Sort those results by their fork ratings, and there are plenty of good choices.  Ramp soup even! 

I'm thinking perhaps some risotto to go with the chard I bought last Saturday. Asparagus risotto with a swiss chard gratin perhaps? That gratin has gotten some good reviews. 

So the photo above of the spicy peanut noodle salad I made last week - it includes leftover chicken but also the last of the pickled radishes I made from our Tantré Thanksgiving share earlier in the winter. Leftovers are the gift that keeps on giving. So you can put some food on your family fast. 

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