The Farmers Marketer's Local Food Consultation and Help Finding Your Summer CSA Farm Share ("Finding a CSA is like dating")

Whew!  I've spent hundreds of hours tracking down the CSAs that are in our area and I've interviewed a couple dozen CSA farmers and other CSA owners (for prepared meals, meat, frozen foods, and more). There are so many great CSA options here - with summer produce, winter greens, microgreens and beyond.  This obsession has given me a pretty good handle on what's currently available in the CSA world around here -  number of weeks, growing practice, what's included (want chickens, eggs, strawberries, pork chops, frozen edamame?), pickup days and location, which ones require work commitments, or have activities for kids, or are extending their harvest season.  Etc.  And the result is my guide to Choosing Your CSA Farm Share in Ann Arbor - now available to download for free!

In addition, I'm extending an offer for a CSA matchmaking service to anyone who is still looking for their summer farm share (many CSA openings still available).  I'm charging $25 for a one-hour consultation that I guarantee will save you at least 3 hours.  And I'm giving away $10 of that to a farm.  You can download the CSA booklet that I've written that details all the information I've gathered on the CSAs in our locale. Plus! the consultation include the 1-page "cheatsheet" comparison view.  And maybe some Ronco knives. If you're interested, please email me:   kim (at)

My first testimonial from Margot: "The fact that you're offering this is the only reason I'll have a CSA this summer!"  

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