Soup for Eggs

I'm entering a new realm of the food adventure: bartering.  It's fabulous. Rita, a friend who knows that I'm having this food obsession, took special care to introduce me to a friend of hers who has chickens saying "you two need to talk!"  It turns out that Rita's graceful friend, Rebecca, has a flock of almost 2 dozen chickens that have the run of her place out near Chelsea. She doesn't sell her extra eggs, but she does trade them for things.  

As you can see from the different colored eggs, she has different kinds of chickens. She says that while none of them are the sharpest pencil in the box, the hens do each have their own personalities and quirks and they have all learned to come for their "scratch" when she claps her hands - which is about the extent of their abilities in the intellectual realm. Most of them lay about an egg a day, each of a size, shape and color that is unique to them. 

Rebecca suggested a container of soup was a good trade for a dozen eggs in her estimation. So far I've made our favorite red lentil curry soup with greens (which she liked), and the yummy jerusalem artichoke soup. Haven't heard the verdict on that one yet, but I did include a bonus of the special "crack" cookies that Miss A. is so fond of.  

Mostly we've been eating unadulterated fried eggs for breakfast. With toast of course. I love seeing the bright orange yolks and the firm ring of whites as they slip into the frying pan.  As you might expect, they are delicious! 

I have a plan for my latest batch of eggs. I'm going to make mayonnaise. Aioli even. And pavlova. And angel food cake. And creme brulee. And egg salad. And deviled eggs. And hollandaise.  I'm so excited about having these incredible eggs.  Sometimes I open the fridge just to take another look at them. They're simply beautiful objects apart from being wonderful to cook with.  How is it that a dozen eggs can make me feel like I've just won the lottery? 

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