Solar Tractor at the Farmer's Market

From Community Farm's website

Check it out - I just got the note below from the city's notification service that Paul Bantle and Annie Elder of  Community Farm of Ann Arbor will have their solar tractor at the Farmer's Market this weekend, November 22. It sounds like a pretty cool project!  Take that ethanol! 


Saturday, November 22, 2008, 
10am - 1 pm

Join Annie Elder and Paul Bantle from the Community Farm of Ann Arbor, as they share their solar-powered tractor with the Ann Arbor Farmers Market community. 

Annie and Paul recently converted an antique, gasoline powered tractor into an electric one, with the tractor’s battery recharged by Photovoltaic panels.  In addition to powering the tractor, excess solar energy can be stored and used to power lights and other electrical gear in the farm’s barn!

Both the solar tractor, and the engineer who helped design it, will be at market this Saturday, November 22.

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