The Ann Arbor Farmer's Market is undergoing some changes.  I heard that the new solar panels have been installed and that some of the new electrical work and sandblasting is starting. Now that there's a new Market Manager, it looks like one of my pet peeves about the market is also starting to be addressed.  According to the City of Ann Arbor Public Market Rules, each of the vendors at the market must display a sign saying who they are and where they're from. Under the Market Operations provision, the rule states:

All vendors shall post a sign with their name and location of their business. All signs are subject to the approval of the Market Manager. 

I've started noticing some new signs at the Market! A lot of them look like the Wolfe Orchard sign above, with the nifty little Michigan mitten on it. 

I don't know about you, but I have some favorite vendors and I would like to be able to find them so I can get their great stuff. For example, Wolfe Orchard often has something special and unusual. Last weekend it was majestic purple iris. So gorgeous that some friends told me about its purple glow before I had a chance to walk down there.  And in the fall, the Wolfe folks were the only ones I saw with chestnuts at the market. I recognize the Wolfe Orchard lady now, but it helps to have a sign that tells me where to find her or where I can point friends to find her.  Now I just wish she would put the information on her sign about where Wolfe Orchard is located. Baby steps. 

In addition to the new little vendor signs popping up on market stalls, Frog Holler Organic Farm has a bright spankin' new sign too. I believe Ken said that it was painted by the multi-talented Billy King. I liked the old Frog Holler sign too, but this one is really bright and readable in that shady corner where they're always set up. Plus it says clearly that they're located in Brooklyn, Michigan. Since 1972. 
There's also a big new Wednesday Market banner to remind us all that the market is open 7am-3pm on Wednesdays . And of course, probably most instructional, what you can read on the t-shirts of passersby. 
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