Signs of Spring

I don't know what's bringing the spring so early this year (global warming?), but the easter egg colors everywhere make me smile.  It's a heart-lifting time of year. More signs of spring: 

- WCC Farmer Panel and Job Fair: 1-5pm on April 19th at WCC
Washtenaw Community College and FSEP have teamed up to offer the first ever local food system job fair. They're calling it the "Small Holder Farm Career Day and Job Fair."  This is an opportunity to match small, independent business owners (farmers) who might be looking to hire students and others.  In areas like - field help, welding, and cheese-making, but also for things like web design and bookkeeping, etc. 

- Grange Kitchen and Bar "Ark of Taste" Dinner, April 22 from 7-10pm
Grange Kitchen and Bar is offering its first "Ark of Taste" dinner.  This 6 course meal features heritage American foods that have been highlighted in the Slow Food Ark of Taste, a "catalog of over 200 delicious foods in danger of extinction." Call for reservations: 734.995.2107

FRESH (the movie) May 21 at the Michigan Theater
 This film featuring MacArthur Grant recipient Will Allen and his project, Growing Power,  (along with Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin) is being sponsored by Whole Foods Cranbrook for a screening at the Michigan Theater on May 21.  There's a rumor that Will Allen himself may come to Ann Arbor in June - stay tuned!

- Friday Mornings@SELMA (with a big group of volunteers) is building hoophouses on May 8 and May 22.
Hoophouses, or passive solar greenhouses, help farmers extend the growing season through the coldest months for a four season harvest.  These "hoop builds," funded completely by SELMA donations and volunteers, are your chance to help at a modern day equivalent to a barn-raising.  I understand that Lisa is making delicious muffaletta sandwiches and The Farmers Marketer is making a contribution of chocolate chip cookies for the hungry hoop-sters. 

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