Roos Roast Coffee Class Sunday November 4th

B. and me can has coffeeeee.  John Roos, local artist, coffee roaster and Subaru salesman, offers coffee classes on Sunday mornings for $20. It sounds like big fun. Here's the description: 

"The classes are more of a think tank or forum where I show participants where coffee comes from, how it's roast, aged, stored, brewed and enjoyed. The cost is $20 and that includes a home made pineapple macadamia nut muffin, a bottom less (BYOC) cup of freshly roast, truly extraordinary Roos Roast Coffee, and a half pound bag of Roos Roast to take home. Classes will be available on Sunday Mornings at your request for partys of 10 or more. Simply e-mail or call.

The classes are held at 400 W Huron (across Huron St from the YMCA) in the old horse barn of the Ice House. Back in the day horses would pull slabs of ice up from the Huron River for up-to-date icebox refrigeration in cozy Ann Arbor homes. Talk about Fresh!"

You can email John or sign up by phone: (734) 709-9565. 

PS - I think he has the best coffee art on his bags. 

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