PSA: Kerrytown Kindle Fest - Friday (tomorrow)!

Local jokesters are calling it the Amazon Kindle Fest, after the spiffy electronic book gadget, but the idea of the Kerrytown Kindle Fest is actually based on the German Christkindlmarkt. These little Christmas Markets spring up in every little town across the Bavarian countryside as December and Advent roll around.  The Christkindlmarkts I've seen are usually charming little tent cities, filled with lights and music, while vendors sell crafts, and strolling families enjoy snacks like hot roasted chestnuts and ethereal donuts, along with tasty currywurst and hot, mulled (sometimes brandy-spiked) Glühwein. If you're lucky, you might also get some fresh-baked Stollen, Baumkuchen, or Lebkuchen.   

Kerrytown is putting on its first annual Kindle Fest at the Farmers' Market from 6-10pm as part of this Friday's (Dec. 4th) downtown Midnight Madness. They say they're featuring local artisans and farmers selling their wares for the holiday season, and that there will be live music, fire pits, and s'mores, along with beer, wine and food for sale.  It seems like a great chance to let everyone know that our Ann Arbor market goes YEAR-ROUND (yes, every Saturday there is a farmers market all winter). And I'm excited to see what the market looks like on a festive and wintry Friday night!  With hot mulled wine in hand!

It's hard to tell who exactly is going to be there, but I've heard that Mill Pond Bakery will be there with fresh tea cakes, Stollen and Lebkuchen among its many wonderful only-at-Christmas special holiday treats. Also at the Kindle Fest will be Brines Farm (which just distributed its first winter greens CSA share, in a groovy AA Farmers Market bag).  Who else is going to be there? Roos Roast?  Cafe Japon?  Maitelates?  Enquiring minds need to know what to expect with their Glühwein.

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