Our Edible Community

The EdibleWOW magazine is out as of Thursday last week! Focusing on local, sustainable food and community in Wayne, Oakland and Washtenaw counties, you're going to see some places and some faces that you already know, along with some surprises that you may have heard of but didn't know much about.  You see on the front of the premiere issue a bottle of Calder Dairy (2%) milk in a photo taken at Westwind Milling.  Inside are stories about Sweet Gem confections, Calder (of course), the Slow Food Harvest dinner at the Henry Ford this fall, LOTS of recipes from our fantastic local chefs, and much more!  

They say: "EdibleWOW is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the abundance of local foods in Southeastern Michigan.  At EdibleWOW we believe that our food choices do make a difference - to our health, to the health of our planet, and to our enjoyment of life. With that in mind, we bring you news of our region's family farmers, brewers, food artisans, chefs, home gardeners, and others who have a dedication to producing and using sustainably produced, local, seasonal foods. In this magazine's stories and images, we will let you know what's happening right over the back fence."

Each of the 50-some regional Edible Communities magazines is free on newsstands but also available delivered to your house with a paid subscription.  Publishers Kate and Robb Harper were in town on Thursday making deliveries from the back of their car to places like Zingerman's, Eve, Everyday Wines, Tracklements, Sparrow Market, and Morgan and York before heading home to meet the truck with the 13,000 copies for the metro area.  They dropped a couple of boxes with me and now I have to figure out how many family members I really have....

Writer Alex Harrison and I met Kate and Robb at Sweetwater's in Kerrytown where we were all fairly vibrating with excitement that there was finally a physical manifestation of the idea.  I'm thrilled that there are dedicated people like Kate and Robb, who, along with being extremely warm and engaging on a personal level, have the ability to bring a magazine like this to our area. It's just beautiful and I sincerely hope that it shows people that "locavore" is the word of the year for a reason. 

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