Oh, Mexico

Once again we head to Ypsilanti for inspiration not available in Ann Arbor.  I had heard that the new Dos Hermanos market which recently opened in Ypsi at 412 W. Michigan Ave. was really great and that they had a hot food bar.  Hoping against hope that it was a California-style burrito bar complete with pork in salsa verde, I called several times (487-8802) to see if I could get some intel before putting all our dinner eggs in one basket. No answer on the phone, but Dos Hermanos was easy to find and they are open pretty late - I think until 9pm most nights.  

They did not have a burrito bar, but they do make some nice tacos. We were able to mow down an appetizer course of barbacoa and carnitas tacos quite handily. We did not get the pork skin taco.  They will also put any of these fillings on a torta - and they make their own bollillos (torpedo rolls). They have a nice pile of ciccharones (fried pork skin) nearby if your cholesterol is low. 

In addition to the tasty tacos and friendly ambience, they also have a large deli case filled with  marinated meats and various parts of meats that I don't know much about. Next to that is a case of quite a few hard to find Mexican cheeses. They have a bakery where they make their own breads and pastries. And I saw an entire box of fresh prickly pears.  I really wanted one to try. I bought a few groceries, but was hustled out the door by my husband and friends who were anxious to get on with the real dinner.  

Although they had just been there the night before, Michelle and Ali were more than happy to go back again to La Fiesta Mexicana (on Cross St.). It has the best Mexican food around here in our humble opinions.  I'm not sure if it's San Diego good, but it's pretty darn good. 

Pretty much everything on the menu is delicious. But some reasons why this place is special:

- They make the corn tortillas fresh every day. And they make their chips out of those tortillas.  Both are excellent.

- The guacamole tastes like fresh ripe avocado. It's hard to stop eating it. 

- The bean tamales have crack in them - once you try them, you have to have more. Do not miss the bean tamale. The other tamales are pretty good, but the bean ones are the best. 

- The chile relleno is awesome. Pam only orders this when she comes to La Fiesta. I am on my way to conversion as well. 

- They make real Mexican hot chocolate with the intricately carved wooden molinillo and actual milk. It's wonderful. 

If that's not enough, the owners are extremely nice people. I wound up leaving my purse there by accident and by the time I realized it, we were already at home. We called and even though the restaurant had closed, they answered the phone to let us know they had found the purse. We picked it up the next day, fully intact including the wallet stuffed with credit cards and small unmarked bills.  Thank you La Fiesta!

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