Mighty Good Coffee Kiosk

Move over Espresso Royale, there's a new kid on the block. David Myers' Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Company just opened a new "coffee kiosk" at 118 S. Main Street in Ann Arbor. It's a fun, bright space, with wood floors, and a huge window looking out on Main from the trademark red Mighty Good counters.  Kiosk because it's walk-up and take-away only - unless you happen to be a member of (and have a Zigbee key fob for) the other new venture that just opened in the back of 118 S. Main Street called the Workantile Exchange, a hi-tech co-working cooperative.  

Mighty Good has been fresh roasting coffee on Mondays and Thursdays and delivering (to your house! or overnight express mail) on Tuesdays and Fridays for the past three years now.  This is their first venture into the storefront presence. It seems like a good gambit, with daily Main Street traffic plus nerdly types passing through the front doors 24/7.  

A few cool things I learned from talking with David and his staff today:

- They source their coffee directly from estates (including some family owned, organic and sustainable) around the world. Read more about their travel to coffee estates and choosing the coffees on the Mighty Good blog.

-  They're using Calder Dairy milk in their coffee drinks - skim, whole, half and half. And Silk soymilk for the non-dairy folks.

- All their pastries are from local vendors: coffee cakes from the Old World Bakery in Ypsilanti, brownies from Knight's, and croissants from the new Pastry Peddler on Packard. 

- Mighty Good is using 100% compostable cups. The lids are even compostable. David says they thought the cups were thick enough to not have to use those cardboard sleeves, but they're going to have to get them after all - also compostable. They're also composting all their coffee grounds and filters as well. 

I was still too hopped up from the morning to order another coffee at Mighty Good so I can't report on that, but already a steady stream of people were coming for a cup and to say hello. 

Another little factoid about Mighty Good - they've donated the coffee and coffee service to Slow Food Huron Valley's Pie Lovers Unite! event for the past two years.  What's pie without coffee, after all?  

In planning the Third Annual pie extravaganza, we had been thinking that David might be having a little "non-profit donation fatigue." But Mighty Good has been such a great partner for this event that we wanted to at least give them right of first refusal. When I mentioned this year's pie hootenanny to David he lit up when he said "Of course, we love that event! Can my kids come again?"   

It does take a village after all, to bring up our kids in a world with homemade pie or to have a downtown where the businesses do some actual leveraging of synergies to support each other. 

Mighty Good Hours at 118 S. Main Street

8am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

8am-7pm Thursday

8am-9pm Friday and Saturday

10am-3pm Sunday

PS - Mighty Good Update:  Had a great time talking to Vanessa, looking out on Main Street with a fine cup of pour-over Costa Rican.  Testing out my educable coffee palate, for once I drank my coffee sans moo.  What I found was - this is not your grandmother's cup of joe. It was a nice coffee with good body, bright fruity notes and a clean aftertaste. Next time, I'm looking forward to trying the Ethiopian Sidamo. 

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