Local Food News: June 02008

It seems like every other story on NPR these days has something to do with food. I love it. Especially because I recognized 2 of the people who were recently interviewed for the radio! 

Urban Beekeepers Creating a Buzz

Rich Wieske is the owner of Green Toe Gardens selling all Michigan honey all the time. He's also a beekeeper who has hives all over the Detroit metro area - about 60 or more - from which he makes his 8 Mile Honey and Wild Detroit Honey.  I recently attended one of the fantastic classes that he gives (mostly as a public service, to increase the honeybee population) for people who want to keep bees in their back yards.  The link is to the radio interview for the Environment Report on NPR. 

Pigs Root Out Evil Bugs

I was thrilled also to hear the fascinating Jim Koan of Al-Mar Orchards (near Flint) on the same program.  Jim is making hard cider, growing organic apples and using heritage breed pigs to help him do it, as I wrote last December. Here's what the professionals have to say:  Pigs replace pesticide in battle against beetles: Michigan farmer's natural solution tackles insects devastating apple crops

And have you noticed that the local blogosphere is extending now to some of our stores? The  Cornman Farms blog is especially interesting as it chronicles the efforts of Chefs Alex Young, Mark Baerwolf and their helpers to grow heirloom foods for the Zingerman's Roadhouse.  

And the Produce Station is doing some admirable work in highlighting Michigan foods - I'm most excited that they are carrying the Four Corners Creamery cheeses, made fresh at the Boulevard Market in Tecumseh! 

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