At the Agrarian Adventure

My dear husband, in addition to roasting chestnuts, attending food events, and carrying heavy things for me,  is always looking out for things I'd like and sending me interesting things to look at and to read. It could be selfish on his part because without those tidbits I would be much more boring than I already am.  I think he just likes doing nice things for me.  Since he has to live with my obsessions on a daily basis, he knew that I would love reading this article on the Top 10 Farmer's Markets in the US.  For some reason I half expected to see Ann Arbor's Farmer's Market listed here, but with markets like the  Ferry Building in San Francisco and Madison's Farmer's Market in the traffic circle around their capital building and Seattle's Farmer's Market near Puget Sound, it's pretty hard to compete. 

Now my family has also started feeding my food and media interests. My uncle recently told me about a tv series that they've been watching called The Endless Feast, not knowing the anguish it would cause me.  I soooo want to see these films documenting fabulous meals made from the special and artisanal foods of the region where they're filmed, but they aren't even available for purchase yet!  I did, however find a few Endless Feast clips on YouTube. Now I'm scheming to think of how we can convince them to come to Michigan and make a meal from Tantré's peerless vegetables and some of John Harnois' happy hens and maybe some Ambry lamb and Zingerman's goat cheeses with Frog Holler's perfect strawberries for dessert. I guess they will just have to come in June. 


Although these aren't food related, the video lectures at the sites below are some of the interesting-est, most mind expanding stuff around. And I wouldn't have known about them without my technology-mad life partner. 

- TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talks - Watch especially the one by demographer Hans Rosling

- Long Now Foundation - Seminars About Long Term Thinking

- Google: Videos from the Googleplex - Talks from big brains

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