I Heart Bacon!

One of the main reasons I am not a vegetarian is: bacon. I love bacon more than chocolate - though Michelle put that to the test when she brought us a fabulous Mo's Bacon Bar from Vosges, perhaps my favorite chocolatier.  I happen to love Bob Sparrow in part because his Michigan bacon is the best bacon, period. I've asked him why it's so good and he doesn't have a satisfactory answer - he said something about it being aged the right amount of time. His maple bacon and jowl bacon, which he doesn't have very often, are the best bacons I've ever had. I've tried other bacons but they are not as good. Nueske's can take a hike. Niman-Shmiman Ranch. Sparrow's bacon is the crack cocaine of our household and we buy it a lot more often than we should. I felt validated in my worship at the Sparrow Meat bacon shrine when I learned that this is also where Eve gets her bacon. 

My advice for Valentine's Day? Bring home some bacon. 

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