Happy Birthday Jefferson Market and Cakery!

Jefferson Market and Cakery (at Jefferson and Fifth St.) turns one year old on April 1st this year.  In honor of this auspicious event, they're having a little party with (free) birthday cake and coffee starting when they open at 8:00am. I hear the cake is going to be something special and have been given special dispensation to show up early for the photo op.  Can't wait to see!

In honor of April Fool's Day they're also having some fun with cupcakes.  Made by baker Alli Bila, these little trompe l'oeil for your mouth include: corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy, spaghetti and meatballs, and chicken legs!  Owner Mary Rasmussen would not divulge the actual flavors - but she allowed that perhaps the true nature of the cupcakes could be revealed on April 2nd.  

However, I am not so constrained and I am willing to say that upon careful inspection (and perhaps a tiny sticky bit when I was moving these photogenic little cakes around) I could see what appeared to be red velvet cake, perhaps a chocolate truffle or two, some white chocolate and perhaps a bit of maple.  I am in love with these adorable cupcakes! 

Mary said it's been a wild ride this year - that the outpouring of love in the first couple of weeks and months was overwhelming and something she didn't quite expect. She compared it to being bowled over by a big enthusiastic dog.  But she says by now they've staffed up, gotten organized with their inventory and now she feels like she's got it under control.  In addition to pretty cakes, yummy pastries and homemade soups, they are also doing quite a bit of lunch catering says Mary.  When I asked if they had noticed a drop in business associated with the economy it sounded like there was a bit less walk-in traffic, but they're making it up in other ways.  For example, they're still renting out the kitchen on an hourly basis when they're not using it. Mary said every little bit helps.  After feeling like the first couple of months almost killed her, this one year anniversary is a big milestone she says.  

So, Happy Birthday Jefferson Market and Cakery! Long may your spaghetti and meatballs cupcakes be enjoyed by April Fools and everyone else.   

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