Guest Marketer: Zachary

I love market!  This is why I love it... Because they sell tomatoes, squashes and zucchini and all of them are really good!  The foods at market are as good as the food from your own garden!  One time, Mommy was at market and she went to our Apple Guy.  The Apple Guy asked "Where are your children?"  Mommy said "They're at home taking a bath."  The Apple Guy said "Good for them" in an emotionless voice.  I think the Apple Guy has really good pears and really good apples also.  

One farmer at market that Mommy saw is selling really good Organic grains that he grows himself.  He grinds his own grains.  

Our Tomato Guy sells really good tomatoes.  Daddy and I love to make them into tomato salads.  We get the tomatoes and chop them into bite size pieces, then we chop onion into bite size pieces, then we put a lot of olive oil and a little bit of red wine vinegar and a splash of balsamic vinegar and then we put salt to taste.  The tomato juice comes out into the salad bowl.  We get bread and dip it into the juice, vinegar and oil. It tastes really good!!!  

I hope you'll go to your local farmer soon.  Our market sometimes has quail, rabbits and chickens for sale.  There is a farmer that shouts out "GOOD MORNING" in a very boisterous way.  We purchased pie pumpkins and are going to cook them into pies and puddings.  This Saturday we're going to buy pumpkins and carve them.  I hope you have  a lot of fun at your market. 

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