Our Farms, Our Food

             From Needle Lane Farm

"This food comes from the Earth and the Sky,

It is the gift of the entire universe

And the fruit of much hard work;

Let us vow to live a life

Which is worthy to receive it."

-- Grace of the Bodhisattva Buddhists 

It got my attention when a friend who moved here recently from southern Florida talked about how scary it was having the roof torn off your house in a hurricane - but not as scary as realizing (when one of them closed) that there are only 2 roads that supply the entire peninsula with food.  

The lackadaisical little gnome that is my attention was further galvanized when my friend Ruth, who works at connecting farms with schools to get locally grown food into locally grown kids, recently said that people don't realize how few farms there are in our area.   The not improbable threat of a food emergency in our future has gotten me pretty interested in the idea of food security.  It seems like plain common sense that, in addition to all the other benefits, in a crisis it would save our butts if we had enough farms and they had enough support to grow and produce enough food to keep our entire community healthy.  I know there are people in my family who clearly remember both the Great Depression and Victory Gardens...

So this week when we got our People's Food Co-op newsletter I was thrilled to see an article on the front page thanking "Our Local Heroes,"  the farmers and the farms that help to supply the Co-op.  A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of them. They include:

Richard Andres and Deb Lentz, Tantré Farm/CSA (Chelsea, MI)

Jane Bush, AppleSchram Orchard (Charlotte, MI)

Andrew Shetler, Shetler's Organic Farm (Homer, MI)

Beverly Ruesink, Needle Lane Farm/CSA (Tipton, MI)

Jonathon Goetz (Riga, MI)

Annie Elder and Paul Bantle, Community Farm/CSA (Chelsea, MI)

Rob MacKercher and family, GardenWorks (Dexter, MI)

David Steinhauser, Steinhauser Farm (Ann Arbor, MI

Scott Kapnick, Kapnick Orchard (Britton, MI)

Scott and Mandy Decker, Salem Orchard and Vineyard (Salem Twp., MI)

Mike Levine and Erica Kempter, Nature and Nurture (Ann Arbor, MI)

Dominic Orlando (Willis, MI)

Shane Mulholland, Foraged and Found Edibles (Willis, MI)

Kern Ackerman (Cygnet, OH)

Hermione Gorney, Hollow Hill Farm (Grass Lake, MI)

Mike Price, Itik Duck Farm (Jackson, MI)

Norma Green, Green Acres Farm (Dexter, MI)

Pete Swartzentruber, Sunrise Poultry (Homer, MI)

Tom and Rosanne Bloomer, Bur Oak Farm (Ann Arbor, MI)

The Fletcher Family (Ann Arbor, MI)

David Bilbie, Bilbie Aviaries (Ann Arbor, MI)

The Calder Family, Calder Dairy (Carleton, MI)

And also special thanks to John Hochstetler of Our Family Farm who delivered a fresh turkey to our house today for our Christmas dinner tomorrow. 

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