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After his debut on WCBN this week as DJ Local,  Shannon Brines of Brines Farm will be on the radio again in an interview tomorrow (Saturday, January 12, 2008).

"I was in the studios of 1290 WLBY AM here in Ann Arbor recording an interview with host Jackie Wright for the show Ann Arbor Lifestyles. We chatted about my background and day job as well as hoophouses and winter harvests! It is set to air this Saturday, Jan 12th, from Noon to 1pm so tune in to Ann Arbor Lifestyles."



Heard earlier this week on NPR's Morning Edition: Eric Hahn, a forward thinking farmer in Charlevoix, MI talking about how he solved one of the biggest problems in our food system: The Challenge of Eating Local: Distribution.

"More and more consumers are demanding produce grown near their homes, and small farmers are happy to oblige. The problem is how to get locally grown fruits and vegetables into local kitchens.

Produce distribution in the U.S. is still dominated by big companies that buy and sell in huge volumes, trucking goods across state and international lines. But in a corner of northern Michigan, one entrepreneur is using his experience as a chef and wholesaler to solve one problem facing small farmers."


Splendid Table

A couple of months ago Margaret told me about how the Splendid Table, that splendid radio show, was doing a survey on consumer preference for making sustainable food choices.  The results are in. And while this may be a self-selecting group of survey takers, the numbers are still pretty impressive. Over 15,000 people responded to the survey.  The response was so big, they're doing a follow-on project asking people in different demographic groups to keep food journals for a year.  

Some things from the survey results: Nearly 14,000 (93%) said sustainability was a factor in their food choices.  

Asked "What do you consider when you think of sustainability" the top responses were: Locally grown (91%), Growing practices that could continue indefinitely without adverse environmental effect (60%), Growing practices that use fewer fossil fuels (40%). 

Dear to the gardener's heart: Over 9,000 (60%) grow their own tomatoes and over 10,000 (67%) grow their own herbs.  

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