Farmer's Marketing Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Tantré farm (in Chelsea, MI) share this week includes kale (of course), potatoes, red peppers, carrots, turnips, brussel sprouts (yay!), tatsoi, other greens, basil, tomatoes, herbs.  To find out more about subscribing to their CSA for next year, email them at: 

See more info about Tantré at:

Wilson's Farm in Tipton, MI was certified organic in 2006. They grow more than 40 different heirloom tomato varieties, but the Russian black varieties are their favorites.  It's amazing to see the huge variety they have at the market. Contact them at: 517.431.4804. Or see their website:

Field Farms in Dexter Michigan, in business since 1949, sells mostly plants at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market. I bought some purple heliotrope earlier this summer that started off small, but has grown huge and bloomed like crazy.  See more about them at:

Cohoctah Honey Works is in Howell, MI. In addition to their "unique cold-processed and raw" honeys they also make lovely honey soaps and candles. The Eve restaurant lists Cohoctah as one of their suppliers.  Cohoctah includes Yellow Rocket, Honeysuckle, Wild Cherry, Elderberry, Star Thistle, Joe Pye, Jewel Weed, Goldenrod and Aster among the kinds of honey that they sell. 

The web site on their card appears not to work, but they list a phone contact for proprietor Thomas Arnott at: 517.545.2447

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