Farmer's Marketing: October 27th, 2007

Saturday we marketed early and with purposeful intent. When the sun doesn't come up until almost 8am, it's not so hard to get to market while the streetlights and the market lights are still illuminated. It's a great time to go since only the early birds are there and they are not a lot of competition. The market stalls are definitely fewer and farther between now, but we were in search of only a few things in preparation for this coming Saturday's Soirée d'Automne, chez nous.

With the help of Francis and Margaret, we'll finally be trying an authentic version of cassoulet, complete with confit de canard from France, many meats ordered from Bob Sparrow, and other fine produce of the season. Alex, among the knowledgeable purveyors at Morgan and York, helped us choose the wine pairings and also gave us the excellent case discount.  Francis, true Frenchman that he is, suggested 7 bottles of wine would be about right for the dinner. With only 6 of us, I think we'll be having a good time.  Voila, le menu:

Le Menu pour Soirée d'Automne chez K&B

Amuse-bouche et "Unique" Sauvignon Blanc 2006, Fougeres-sur-Bievre

Premier Plat 

Salade aux herbes d'automne "Brines Farm" et Vinaigrette Lulu


Cassoulet Castelnaudry au Confit de Canard et "Altitude 500" Rhone 2003, Cotes du Ventoux

Plateau de Fromage et "Wogenrain" Gruener Veltliner 2006, Wagram, Autriche

- Paté Sauvage, Beaufort d'Été, Ossau-Iraty


Poire "Surprise de Margaret" et "Rotenberg" Pinot Gris 2004, Alsace

Alex talked us into this last wine (it wasn't so hard) as an excellent match for the pear dessert. We'll be going out with a bang! 

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