Farmer's Marketing: October 24, 2007

The dahlias at the Valentine Farm ladies' stand are are incredible.  Every time I walk by I notice how they match the hot pink of the one lady's jacket and the lavender-purple of the other one's and then the orange of a pile of pumpkins and the yellow on the sign nearby. Each one its own little spiky work of art.  Every time I come home from market I think that next time I'll get some.  If I love these flowers so much and they are only $5, why does that amount seem like something I shouldn't afford? I could pay $5 for a bag of chips, not get as much enjoyment out them and certainly need them even less than flowers, but somehow think that was an OK expense.  I can't figure out how my assumptions about prices are so odd.  The procrastination is going to stop soon - either because there will finally be a hard frost and the dahlias won't be at the market next time or because I'll finally get it together to think we deserve to have beautiful flowers in the house.  For next weekend's dinner party perhaps.

Something else I've seen a couple of times but not been tempted by is strawberries. It feels like strange days seeing strawberries in October. But among the squashes, potatoes, mushrooms, nasturtium blossoms and the greens (the ever-loving greens!) last Wednesday there were strawberries at Tantré. I'm not sure if it's because they're the ever-bearing kind (it seems like they must be) or if it's because of the warm weather. 

Other strange sights for the market in October were fresh shelled peas. Don't those only come in late spring?  And on the walk to the market, smelling spring in the air, we saw blooming iris in front of a house just down the street from us. I don't remember seeing that in October before. Is it because I notice it now or is this really something global-warming strange? 

Even though the gorgeous dahlias are not going to last much longer and market is dwindling week by week,  having fewer stalls means I notice things that would have escaped me a few weeks ago. Like some new growers I hadn't seen before.  I noticed a lovely display for the Beautiful Earth Farm that is going to be starting a new CSA next year. You can email them at to get on their list for a brochure and additional information. The owners are a young couple who recently bought the land (in the last couple of years) out west of town and are working toward becoming full time farmers. 

PS - In the photo of Tantré's strawberries above is funny-guy David's talking finger. If you've been by their stall, you know David always has something warm and friendly to say.  I suggested that he put a face on the talking finger to make it seem more like someone you could have a conversation with. Know your farmer. 

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