Farmer's Marketing: November 28, 2007

It's official, the amount of food being sold at the market on a Wednesday is outweighed by the pine boughs and crafty things. However, some of the crafty things are made from food things - like these red pepper bouquets  in front of Mr. DeVulder. They were very pretty - red hot peppers, white statice and green leaves. Nice bouquet for a spouse or mother-in-law.  

I haven't told my family yet, but they may be having a "made in Michigan" Christmas. At the Community Farm table I was able to buy the first Christmas gift of the year - hand salve made from Community Farm's own calendula flowers (ask Annie to show you the photos of how they make it) and some of the chapstick they make with their own beeswax from their 20-some hives. Annie says the bees have excellent accommodations.  There were also chunky wool hats in beautiful purple, blue, gray and cream colors.

And speaking of beautiful colors, how about these Kern Road Farm fruit syrups? I think I want to get a selection just to put in my window to see the sun shining through them. They're lovely even if the fruit for orange-ginger syrup didn't grow in Michigan. The lady who makes them says she gets the fruit wherever she can find it - at the market when it's available and other places where it doesn't cost too much. 

What we did buy in food came from the Wasem Fruit Farm - Jonathan apples for Rachel - and from the Todischuk (sp?) Farm - delicata squash for me. I'm getting into the idea of storing hard squashes in my basement!  

It was bitter cold on Wednesday - lots of people trying to stay warm with space heaters and tents. They, like me, probably would like to drive out to California in the van camper parked in front of the Coop. 

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