Farmer's Marketing: May 24, 2008

It's greens time again. The market these weeks is mostly a festival of greens - lots of people with different lettuces, a bit of spinach and then the more unusual greens offerings at Garden Works - sunflower sprouts, baby chard, spicy mustard greens and spring salad mix (unless I'm forgetting).  

Garden Works has their by-the-pound organic greens in big plastic tubs to keep them moist.  I understand that Garden Works was one of the first organic farms in this area and they remain one of the only ones (or perhaps the only one?) selling sprouts.  In the past they have had a CSA program, but when I asked owner Rob MacKercher about whether they were having it this year, he said no - but they might do a modified CSA kind of thing later in the summer where people would sign up for a box of vegetables on a week by week basis.  

I bought a bag of their gorgeous little chard leaves. But I haven't decided yet what to do with them. Probably the old faithful - sauteed with garlic. Why mess with something so simple and good?

Some of the parsnips on the left went into the market bag this weekend. They may be going into a chicken potpie with the rest of the leftover Ernst Farm chicken....or they may be going into some roasted root vegetables.  I love them roasted - the way they carmelize in a hot oven makes them the sweetest by far of all the things in the roasting pan.

Other things you could find hidden amongst the colorful landscape of flowers and vegetable starts at the market this week - Shannon Brines had miniature radishes, like tiny red golf balls for gnomes. And tiny baby carrots, smaller than your little finger, but sweeter than candy.  It appears that maybe there's not quite as much asparagus at the market, nor so much rhubarb. Sadly (at our house anyways) this may be the time to start thinking of the last chances for asparagus soup and rhubarb pie. 

In thrilling news, next week is the much-anticipated first box of the season from Tantré.  

Hey, Jen over at is making some yummy looking food from her farmer's market spoils

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