Farmer's Marketing: June 7, 2008

This week the strawberries came. Isn't that the official harbinger of summer?  We had strawberries on our pancakes this morning.  And I made honey-lavender ice cream to have under strawberries tonight. Mmmm.  Waving goodbye to asparagus and rhubarb is a lot easier when you're waving hello to strawberries. I'm still trying to find out if anyone has organic U-pick berries....anyone? 

Excitement at this week's market was meeting MK and Christine for a surreptitious hand-off of some of Christine's mother of vinegar.  Standing there expectantly holding the reddish jellied blob in a ziploc bag drew a couple of odd looks from puzzled passersby.  The mother of vinegar did look a lot like a chicken liver that was on its way south. According to Christine, you just put this blob in a crock and add some wine. Soon the mother will float to the top and begin to grow into a thick layer as the little "animalitos" do their fermenting work. Mine are working hard right now.  I'm very excited about the possibility of both having something to do with leftover wine AND giving a homemade gift that no one will expect.  

I saw something I didn't expect at this week's market. I don't know if it's global warming or if everyone and their dog is getting a hoophouse or greenhouse, but I was surprised to see tomatoes with a "Michigan Home Grown" sign on them this week. And also pretty little zucchinis and pattypan squashes that I unfortunately didn't take a picture of.  My friend Alex was on the ball and took some lovely photos of them for her sweet new blog

Lots of people around town are writing about what they're doing with their market spoils of the week -  especially if they have a Tantré farm share.  Sarah over at Una Buona Forchetta just got half a hog for the freezer from Back 40 Acres and made an incredible meal of her weekly Tantré share and their first pork chops on the grill.  Jen of A2eatwrite has been posting delicious ideas for what she's cooking from the market (and Tantré) every week.  An Organic Summer is blogging about what they're making weekly from their Tantré share.  The G3 are talking about their (Tantré) farm share.  My friend, Teacher Patti, is the only one talking about food from the market that's not necessarily from Tantré! 

I'll just say that my biggest food accomplishment for last week was a 2 pie night -  with a spinach quiche and my family's traditional rhubarb custard pie.  We do love the pie around here. But I believe strawberry shortcake may be just around the corner....

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