CSA Matchmaking Service

A CSA subscription is the most direct way to support a farmer and get the best price for locally grown produce, meat, prepared meals and more! 

The Farmer's Marketer's "CSA Matchmaking Service" is $50 for a one-hour consultation (student rate: $25) to help you figure out which CSA farm share options could best meet your needs. It also includes a comprehensive PDF of the latest "Guide to Choosing Your CSA Farm Share" and a one-page CSA comparison "cheat sheet."  In addition to produce CSAs, there are also CSAs in our area for prepared meals, meat, frozen foods, chicken, eggs and more! We can talk about any aspect of finding and eating locally grown, sustainably produced food - meat, dairy, grains, breads, pastries, fruits,  pickles, condiments, whatever you want!  


Erin says: "I found the CSA consultation to be extremely informative.   I would highly recommend this service for anyone who is interested in Community Supported Agriculture, but who may be overwhelmed with where to start.  I have actually purchased a CSA for the past two years, but was looking for something a bit more tailored to me needs.  Kim provided an excellent overview.  Not only did I learn there are far more farms offering CSAs then I had thought, but each has something a bit different to offer.  Talking with Kim helped me to find the perfect match for me!"

Margot says: "Kim's service was exactly what I needed. She's done all the research already and takes the time to figure out what your priorities are. As she says, it's like dating--you have to figure out what your deal-breakers are and what the most important things are to you and then you have to accept that no one's going to be exactly perfect, but on the upside, they'll probably surprise you with perks you didn't even know you wanted.

And she has taken the time to figure out just about everything you might need to know to optimize your chances of finding CSA love--she knows the history of the farms and the people who run them, where the farms are, what kinds of crops they emphasize and what their general approach and growing philosophies are, when and where the pick-ups are, how much food you can expect to get, whether or not visits to the farm are welcome (or required!)  She even knows things like which ones are easier or harder to get a hold of and how quick they are to respond to e-mails and phone calls because she's been in touch with all of them.  She says she'll save you at least 3 hours of research--I think she probably saved me at least 12 hours, and since those 12 hrs probably weren't going to happen, she really saved me from a summer without  a lot of lovely, local produce."

Quinn says: "We knew we needed help finding the right CSA - we just didn't know how much help! Once Kim knew we were interested, she sent us questions so that she could have answers for us when we met.  And it's a good thing she did; half of the questions were things I never thought about but should have, like what day of the week would be best to pick up your food? Her knowledge of the local farm community left me feeling confident with our choices. We've been telling everyone about her, from our college-age friends to our parents. If our needs change, we'll definitely seek her advice again."

Linda says: "I found the consultation first of all "supportive" in trying to connect with a farmer which is something I had been desiring.  I appreciated Kim's honesty in sharing what she knows and book recommendations.  She also seemed very open to the differences that were there and trying to connect others to what would work for them.  It was very informative and encouraging as I came away seeing that this is important to many who live in the Ann Arbor area.  It was also encouraging to see how many farmers want to do this for the people. Simple and great way to support our community besides getting fresh and delicious food."

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