Farmer's Market in June - Tantré Today

Our first box of Tantré vegetables arrived today. We will be tingeing green from eating many, many leaves.  Including: beet, radish, turnip, bok choy, arugula, spinach, spicy, and 2 kinds of lettuce. There is about a laundry tub full of greens to wash. My favorite technique: fill a clean sink with cool water, remove any roots, inedible stems, or particularly dirty bits, submerge.  Rinse greens then repeat, refilling sink with clean water. The repeat step is important. I hate the crunch of sand in my food!  The prepared cook will find it wise to put cleaned greens through the salad spinner if not cooking immediately.  Otherwise, the time-pressed cook will find clean green slime a few days hence.

Our first Tantré meal will be Asian-inspired grilled chicken (from Bob Sparrow of course) salad with spicy greens, picked radishes and turnips, and a peanut ginger dressing. Perhaps with some noodles and mint for excitemint.

And since I bought strawberries, I'd like to make a lemon-lavender poundcake to go under them for dessert.  

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