Cupcakes and Coffee at Red Shoes

When Heavenly Metal and Red Shoes  announced they were having a joint "Girlfriend's Night on the Town" from 6pm - 9pm last Friday I was luckily grabbed by a girlfriend to make quick little trip. I wanted to see what's happening up on Ashley Street with the little row of stores that's starting to look so nice. 

Red Shoes has always looked adorable and inviting, but that night was especially  great because store-owner Catherine had made some amazing homemade coconut cream cupcakes and great Roos Roast coffee.  She has really interesting and unusually beautiful jewelry, housewares and kid stuff that seem perfect for holiday gifting. I was tempted into buying toys for some lucky duck I know. Catherine writes a funny and delightful Red Shoes blog that shows many examples of what's in her store along with funny stories about herself and things she likes. 

What was also fun about the visit to Red Shoes was seeing what's next door. Lexi's Toy Box recently opened with wonderful puppets and many gorgeous wooden, non-electronic and un-battery powered toys. 

And the paper is down from the window in the place further down that will soon be a coffee roaster, though it's still a mystery as to who it will be.  Inside you can see the roaster and not much else. What is this going to be? 

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