Cookbooks - One Thing Leads to Another

Just before Christmas we had a very nice dinner at eve and (along with an Eve sighting) it reminded me that I still don't have a copy of her new cookbook (greedy cookbook monkey that I am).  That gave my categorizing brain a reason to corral a list of other nearby chefs who have cookbooks that have come out recently. I'm sure there are others too - you could almost count the re-released Silver Palate Cookbook since one of the authors runs a Bed and Breakfast in Saugatuck. As the new year rolls around, I'm thinking of - food of course and how I'm going to cook it. 

Eve Aronoff' of Ann Arbor's eve the restaurant - eve

Craig Common of Chelsea's Common Grill Restaurant - Common Grill Cookbook (and sequel)

Isabella Nicoletti of Ann Arbor's Paesano's -  Perbacco Isabella

Brian Polcyn (with Michael Ruhlman) of Milford's Five Lakes Grill - Charcuterie

Eric Villegas of Restaurant Villegas in Lansing -  Fork in the Road

The Ann Arbor Cooks database that the Library released this fall must have recipes from Ann Arbor Fresh, a cookbook from the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market.

Although I haven't tried to cook from it, I do have a reproduction copy of the cookbook in this article in the NY Times about Jan Longone's discovery of the first extant cookbook written by a black woman. Malinda Russell (who lived in Paw Paw, Michigan during the last years of her life) wrote a cookbook called “Domestic Cook Book: Containing a Careful Selection of Useful Receipts for the Kitchen.”  It's been described by Toni Tipton Marsh as "an emancipation Proclamation for black cooks."  First New Year's resolution: join the Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor

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