Bundt Cake Bliss is Out!

My dear friend Susanna is the about-to-be-famous, currently on tour, author of this just-released, most excellent book celebrating the fabulous Bundt Cake.  At the time she invited me to develop a recipe for the book, I was obsessed with Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate. And since I only have mini-bundt pans - Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Mini-Bundts were the result.  

Susanna and I have been baking together since high school. It was never too late for a batch of Heavenly Brownies or Almond Crisps. The last time we got together, she happened to be putting on a pie extravaganza for her church. So we spent an entire day making 60 wonderful pies, including blueberry, pumpkin, whiskey-pecan (it's a liberal church) and apple.  I've never seen such happy people as the people on their third piece of pie. 

I have an autographed copy of Bundt Cake Bliss on the way. And my mom just ordered one from Amazon. We're both giddy with happiness for Susanna! I'm hoping that she'll be coming to Michigan on her book tour!

Book Description from Amazon

"From vintage favorites like Quick Orange Kiss and Tunnel of Fudge to fanciful finds like Green Chili Cornbread and Mexican Hot Chocolate Mini Bundts, this delightful book features just about every delectable bundt baked by the Midwest’s own since the handy pan burst into the baking scene in the 1960s. And don’t forget the dozens of glazes, sauces, and frostings sure to transform any cake into a shining crown of glory.

Here is a cookbook that makes baking accessible to all, where fun is an essential tool in the kitchen. Among the delicious recipes and stories of the cakes and their creators are tips for dressing up bundts for special occasions and for managing those unexpected mishaps. And to top it off, Susanna Short offers warm and humorous reflections about the power of bundts in building community."
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