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Eating Our Greens

We currently have 9 kinds of greens in our refrigerator. All from the Ann Arbor Farmers Market - and most from our Brines Farm winter greens CSA.  That nine counts the salad mix - which probably also has nine different varieties in it - as just one.  And it doesn't count the cabbage and brussels sprouts  lounging in the fridgidaire either.  

I spent over an hour yesterday listening to Prairie Home Companion while cleaning these greens - which are now ready for instant cooking or eating as is:

Farmers Market Meals: Sauteed Turnips (with Salad, plus Mac and Cheese)

How weird is this: I had regular food in the house, but I made myself braised turnips for lunch the other day.  The reason: they are that good. Impossible, you say.  But hear me out. 

I probably would not ordinarily buy turnips, but we got some pretty pink ones in our Thanksgiving share from Tantre, and some white Hakurei turnips too.   It turns out that turnips are the candy of the vegetable world.  …

Rudolph's Gifting Guide for the Holidaze

Are you one of those last-minute shoppers like me? I'm ready to start making the Christmas cookies as soon as the turkey has cooled from Thanksgiving, but I'd rather scrub the pots and pans twice than have to go to the mall.  Ever. Over the past few years I've tried to figure out what  matters most to me about the holiday season and consequently, strategies for completely avoiding places I don't want to have to shop (do you hear me Abercrombie and Fitch? …

PSA: Kerrytown Kindle Fest - Friday (tomorrow)!

Local jokesters are calling it the Amazon Kindle Fest, after the spiffy electronic book gadget, but the idea of the Kerrytown Kindle Fest is actually based on the German Christkindlmarkt. These little Christmas Markets spring up in every little town across the Bavarian countryside as December and Advent roll around.  The Christkindlmarkts I've seen are usually charming little tent cities, filled with lights and music, while vendors sell crafts, and strolling families enjoy snacks like hot roasted chestnuts and ethereal donuts, along with tasty currywurst and hot, mulled (sometimes brandy-spiked) 

Ann Arbor Cooks - With Natalie Marble

Risotto Four Ways
If your idea of heaven is a kitchen where the knives are always sharp, the ingredients are always beautiful, and a competent assistant is always tidying up, you’ll want to sign up for one of the hands-on cooking classes at Ann Arbor Cooks.  

Smiling and looking relaxed, a winsome Natalie Marble in chef’s whites makes the consummate organization appear effortless.  We're each given a packet of recipes so we can follow along as she starts her class with a demonstration of how to prepare the night’s four risotto dishes.   …

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