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10 Best Adventures in Food for 02007

I know it's a tired cliché to try to summarize the year with a "best of" list, but I don't care. I love reading these lists and I know I'm going to enjoy making mine. I've had a pretty amazing year in food adventures, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit. 

If it's true that "your intentions determine your reality," it's clear that my intentions to explore some long-standing food interests have turned into a full-fledged

Cookbooks - One Thing Leads to Another

Just before Christmas we had a very nice dinner at eve and (along with an Eve sighting) it reminded me that I still don't have a copy of her new cookbook (greedy cookbook monkey that I am).  That gave my categorizing brain a reason to corral a list of other nearby chefs who have cookbooks that have come out recently. I'm sure there are others too - you could almost count the re-released Silver Palate Cookbook since one of the authors runs a Bed and Breakfast in Saugatuck. …

Our Farms, Our Food

             From Needle Lane Farm

"This food comes from the Earth and the Sky,

It is the gift of the entire universe

And the fruit of much hard work;

Let us vow to live a life

Which is worthy to receive it."

-- Grace of the Bodhisattva Buddhists 

It got my attention when a friend who moved here recently from southern Florida talked about how scary it was having the roof torn off your house in a hurricane - but not as scary as realizing (when one of them closed) that there are only 2 roads that supply the entire peninsula with food.  

Know Your Farmer at Community Farm

Visiting Community Farm is hard after a snow storm. Off Scio Church Road and around the curve on Fletcher Road, I quickly realized I had just driven past the steep entrance to the farm so I stopped and backed up (it is a country road after all) and promptly got the car stuck trying to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. Fortunately for me, Annie was right there in her big snow boots carrying her shovels. …

The New Chelsea Market - Tour de Michigan

I'm not sure how long the Chelsea Market on Main Street in downtown Chelsea has been in business, but the New Chelsea Market has only been in business for 12 weeks, already with plans for expansion.  It's still a full service grocery with meat, fish, cheese and bakery counters along with a large selection of beer, wine, and coffee and some produce and grocery staples. 

New owner Kevin Riley is working on providing local products and he walked me around the store showing me all the things he's carrying that are made in Michigan, most in our area!   …

Farmer's Marketing: December 15, 2007

At the market this morning at 8am it was 24º outside and still middling dark.  In the summer 8am is not so early, but in the winter the sun isn't quite up yet and after only an hour you can't feel your toes. I understand why many of the vendors have little tents, heaters, and electric tea kettles going.  Mixed in with the few food vendors selling maple syrup, meat, squash, flour, eggs, honey, bread, greens and grow-your-own mushrooms are lots of wreaths, candles, ornaments, and other reminders that it's Christmas soon. …

Kale o' My Heart

Kale is that "let's just be friends" kind of guy of the vegetable world - not the sexy, motorcycle-riding kind of guy like, say, asparagus that it's hard to get enough of - mostly because he's never around. Kale, like those "let's just be friends" guys, is good for you and gives you what you need, without you moping and waiting around for him to call.  

But it's true that I don't love kale so much.  …


           At the Agrarian Adventure

My dear husband, in addition to roasting chestnuts, attending food events, and carrying heavy things for me,  is always looking out for things I'd like and sending me interesting things to look at and to read. It could be selfish on his part because without those tidbits I would be much more boring than I already am.  I think he just likes doing nice things for me.  Since he has to live with my obsessions on a daily basis, he knew that I would love reading this article on the

Our Edible Community

The EdibleWOW magazine is out as of Thursday last week! Focusing on local, sustainable food and community in Wayne, Oakland and Washtenaw counties, you're going to see some places and some faces that you already know, along with some surprises that you may have heard of but didn't know much about.  You see on the front of the premiere issue a bottle of Calder Dairy (2%) milk in a photo taken at Westwind Milling

Back in the USSA: The United States of Sustainable America

"Then I realized - I'm a farmer. I can do anything."      -- Jim Koan

Jim Koan (pronounced with Michigan pragmatism as "cone" not "co-an") has a dog named Felony, raises mighty-antlered reindeer, and Royal Palms - a breed of turkey so antique Ben Franklin was probably the last person who ever heard of it. Jim is also the 3rd generation owner, after his dad and grand-dad, of Al-Mar Orchards where he is brewing excellent hard cider and raising pastured heritage pigs. …

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