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Christmas on the Farm in Waterloo, Michigan - December 3 and 4, 2011


Once the Thanksgiving leftovers are finally finished, an authentic Christmas experience is something many of us wish for. Far from flashing lights, plastic baubles, fake trees and the mall, just a handmade celebration with the smell of pine and woodsmoke, the stove warm from cookies baking and carolers singing the old songs with snow crunching underfoot.

Thousands of people get this experience on a grand scale by visiting beautiful Greenfield Village at the holidays. …

Local Turkeys in Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving 2011

Some Turkey History
We may have been eating them for hundreds of years, but we just don't know turkeys. Called huexolotl by the Aztecs who domesticated it, the name given to the turkey by European explorers does actually refer to Turkey, the country.

The Europeans incorrectly identified the large birds as guineafowl, which were known at the time as "turkey hens" and "turkey cocks." According to the Webster's New World Dictionary "

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