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Farmers Market Meals: Squash Lasagne

Suppose you help organize a harvest cook-off and come home with a forty pound Italian heirloom Long of Naples squash. What do you do with your green submarine besides soup?  Turn it into lasagne of course.  Oh, and then roast and freeze the other 36 pounds of it for pies and muffins later on.  

My friend Rachel told me that she and her husband finished off an entire pan of this squash lasagne (below) the first time they made it.  …

Forgotten Fruits

Judging from the recent spate of articles on the topic, there's an awakening going on regarding the mass extinction of heirloom apples.  These articles chronicle the many unique and once-beloved antique apples, and their role in the botany of desire and original sin and the ways in which apples convey a sense of place, apples that go beyond the macintosh.  According to Slow Food USA, of the 14,000 apple varieties once grown in the US, only about 1,500 remain. …

Autumn Update: All Roads Lead to Pie

The Wednesday market is shrinking - a sure sign that the descent into winter is underway.  Even though Wednesday's market shutters up after December, it's comforting to know that the stalwart Saturday market goes all the way through, come rain, come snow, come dead of night, which is what time they seem to set up in the winter.  And I'm looking forward to seeing who's there on the coldest Saturdays this year, along with the hard-core folks like Farmer John of

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