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Homemade: Granola

I never thought I'd be saying this since a) I'm not used to liking breakfast, and b) cereal has always been the least favorite food of my least favorite meal, of our most beloved breakfasts at home these days is granola with yogurt.  

I'm reading that granola was originally invented in the 1860s by a Dr. Caleb Jackson as a breakfast food for his eponymous spa in Dansville, NY. It was originally made from Graham flour (remember the guy who invented Graham crackers?), was similar to large Grape-nuts (ouch!), and was called Granula (eww).   …

Best Coffee Place in Town

"Coffee beans come in different densities," says Otter, "some are hard as a stone and some will just crumble in your fingers." It turns out that only knowing the character of the bean can determine how fine the grind should be for an espresso shot that pulls between the canonical 17-23 seconds. 

At the Ugly Mug on Cross Street in "Hipsilanti" as my friend Nano used to call it, the baristas actually know about the coffee beans they're serving.  …

Michigan v. Ohio: Battle of the Bottles

In Vinology's downstairs "Bubble Room" last week I was warmly greeted by Slow Food Columbus' Andrew Hall and joint Columbus-Huron Valley Slow Food member, Julie Weatherbee. These two, together with Vinology's generous help, were instrumental in setting up an Ohio v. Michigan wine competition, complete with official wine judges, comparing the best of Michigan and Ohio-made (and grown) wines, just before the Big Game. …

Solar Tractor at the Farmer's Market

From Community Farm's website

Check it out - I just got the note below from the city's notification service that Paul Bantle and Annie Elder of  Community Farm of Ann Arbor will have their solar tractor at the Farmer's Market this weekend, November 22. It sounds like a pretty cool project!  Take that ethanol! 


Saturday, November 22, 2008, 
10am - 1 pm

Join Annie Elder and Paul Bantle from the Community Farm of Ann Arbor, as they share their solar-powered tractor with the Ann Arbor Farmers Market community. 

Farm Fresh Eggs

Yes,  Ann Arbor City Chickens have arrived, and there's already a Facebook support group for interested parties.  A couple of weeks ago, I went to the great workshop that Matthaei offered on Yard Hens, where I learned about everything from chicken tractors and egg mash to Silverlace Wyandottes and nest boxes.  Under the new chicken ordinance, people who want to have up to four hens just have to convince the neighbors to sign a consent form before setting up a sweet little chicken condo, at least 10 feet from their property lines and 40 feet from their neighbors houses. …

Giving Thanks This Year

I have a theory (not yet proven) that there may be an alternative to the usual escape into the turkey- and football-induced coma that it takes to survive the punishing socio-political divide in my family.  Step one in figuring out how to connect with a true spirit of Thanksgiving has been to look at how we got this holiday. 

It seems there was a day (or three) of feasting and giving thanks among both the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag late in the year of 1621, but at that time national days of thanksgiving were simply proclaimed on an as-needed basis, on into the late 1800s and beyond. …

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