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Homemade Yogurt

I am here to tell you that freedom from the hegemony of the non-recyclable  plastic yogurt container is not only possible, but you will also save money in the process of throwing off those hegemonic chains when you make your own yogurt at home. All told, it takes perhaps 20 minutes to make 2 quarts of yogurt and requires a just few things you probably have in your kitchen right now. Namely: a pot for heating the milk, a thermometer, and a spoon, plus a low-cost incubation setup. 

Squash 101 - Enchiladas

Squash has been cultivated in the Americas so long - eight to ten thousand years long - you could probably have a different squash for every night of winter there are so many: Delicata, Turban, Butternut, Sweet Dumpling, Carnival, Acorn,  Buttercup and Golden Nugget, Hubbard, Spaghetti, Pumpkin, Kabocha, Potimarron, Sibley,  to name a few. 

I thought we would be having 101 nights with squash when I noticed  the other day that there were 6 of them in our cupboard that had been piling up from the farm share. 

Where to Order a Local Turkey for Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 1952, from the AADL Image Gallery

Yet another chance to appreciate and take advantage of the bounteousness (bounteousity?)  of our great state, and lovely Washtenaw County in particular. People are looking for pasture-raised turkeys this year! No need for a frozen brine and preservative injected factory farmed turkey fed hormones, steroids and antibiotics  - lots of people on family farms in our area are still raising and selling healthy free-range turkeys! …

Locavore Nation at Splendid Table

Whether or not you love Lynne Rosetto Kasper, there are all kinds of reasons to love The Splendid Table.  Both the radio show (at 2pm on Sundays on WUOM - thanks for the correction) and the website. I don't visit their website often enough, but there are great recipe ideas and menus, book reviews, podcasts, stories I missed, and as I discovered the other day - Locavore Nation. They say:

"Locavore Nation is a year-long effort to discover what it takes to obtain, prepare and eat a sustainable, regionally based diet.

No farms, no food

I went on the Washtenaw Land Trust bus tour last Saturday, with about 50 other people. The tour passed by several of the farms that the WLT has protected southwest of Ann Arbor, ending up at the lovely Ludwig Farm near Alber Orchard and Cider Mill (home to nearly 50 varieties of apples) on Bethel Church Rd.  Mary Morgan at the online Ann Arbor Chronicle has already written up a nice summary of the land trust tour

What We Eat in October

Last weekend was supposed to be the last farm share box of the year, but our wonderful Tantré CSA has had such a good season that they offered a 3 week extension. Man, that was good news. Especially since last week was the first time we had gotten any brussels sprouts whatsoever. 

Below is a list of some of the main things we eat during the week, in our ongoing quest to eat from the Michigan foodshed.…

Dear Kroger

It's been a while....more than a year hasn't it?  Have you missed me? I stopped by a couple of weeks ago, just to get a couple of things. It looked like not much had changed. 

I used to think we had a future. We were together for almost 20 years, you know.  You were my favorite place to shop, and not just because you were the closest grocery store to my house. I loved your easy bottle return that always had an empty spot for me. …

Food is Love to the Local Eater

What I'm figuring out about eating food from Michigan is:  while it's eminently possible to eat locally on a budget, it's not possible to eat locally when your life is on auto-pilot.  And I only call it auto-pilot because that's what the daily routine of glossing over life's small and meaningful moments (in an effort to get where?) seems like to me. And also because I remember my own "soylent green" moment of having the auto-pilot unceremoniously switched off while watching a video of animals in factory farms (thanks to Whole Foods' John Mackey, no less).  …

Food Tour of Southwest Michigan - Part II

The most exciting part of the Southwest Michigan food tour was the last part.  We had been planning a meal at Fennville's Journeyman Cafe on the Saturday evening of our trip, so I was thrilled to learn that there was an organic orchard just a few miles from the Journeyman where I could pick apples in the afternoon.  At home, our closest organic apple orchard is in Flushing, MI, just south of Flint - the fabulous

Eat Local Challenge Starts Today

"Made in Michigan" from the Co-op

Is anyone doing the latest, Fourth Annual Eat Local Challenge for October 2008?  After trying it last year, in April I think, I guess I'm one of the converted.  The challenge then was to try to eat locally within the budget of the average American family ($122 for us) for a week. It was surprisingly easy to do (for a week anyway).  So it seemed like fun to sign up for this one and compare the experience. 

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