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Guest Marketer: Corinne

I love the smells of all the fruits and vegetables at market.  There is a farmer selling organic wheat and buckwheat at our market.  I love getting peaches and watermelon in the summer.  I love making apricot crisp with the apricots from market.  

We used to crouch down and look at the animals in the cages being sold by the farmers. The farmers were selling chickens, bunnies and quail.  Local food is great! 

Guest Marketer: Zachary

I love market!  This is why I love it... Because they sell tomatoes, squashes and zucchini and all of them are really good!  The foods at market are as good as the food from your own garden!  One time, Mommy was at market and she went to our Apple Guy.  The Apple Guy asked "Where are your children?"  Mommy said "They're at home taking a bath."  The Apple Guy said "Good for them" in an emotionless voice.  …

Oh, Mexico

Once again we head to Ypsilanti for inspiration not available in Ann Arbor.  I had heard that the new Dos Hermanos market which recently opened in Ypsi at 412 W. Michigan Ave. was really great and that they had a hot food bar.  Hoping against hope that it was a California-style burrito bar complete with pork in salsa verde, I called several times (487-8802) to see if I could get some intel before putting all our dinner eggs in one basket. …

Roos Roast Coffee Class Sunday November 4th

B. and me can has coffeeeee.  John Roos, local artist, coffee roaster and Subaru salesman, offers coffee classes on Sunday mornings for $20. It sounds like big fun. Here's the description: 

"The classes are more of a think tank or forum where I show participants where coffee comes from, how it's roast, aged, stored, brewed and enjoyed. The cost is $20 and that includes a home made pineapple macadamia nut muffin, a bottom less (BYOC) cup of freshly roast, truly extraordinary Roos Roast Coffee, and a half pound bag of Roos Roast to take home.

Cupcakes and Coffee at Red Shoes

When Heavenly Metal and Red Shoes  announced they were having a joint "Girlfriend's Night on the Town" from 6pm - 9pm last Friday I was luckily grabbed by a girlfriend to make quick little trip. I wanted to see what's happening up on Ashley Street with the little row of stores that's starting to look so nice. 

Red Shoes has always looked adorable and inviting, but that night was especially  great because store-owner Catherine had made some amazing homemade coconut cream cupcakes and great

Farmer's Marketing: October 24, 2007

The dahlias at the Valentine Farm ladies' stand are are incredible.  Every time I walk by I notice how they match the hot pink of the one lady's jacket and the lavender-purple of the other one's and then the orange of a pile of pumpkins and the yellow on the sign nearby. Each one its own little spiky work of art.  Every time I come home from market I think that next time I'll get some.  If I love these flowers so much and they are only $5, why does that amount seem like something I shouldn't afford? …

4 Places to Get Your Fresh Local Turkeys NOW!

Ernst Farm Turkeys in Ann Arbor

I just found out that the Ernst family farm has fresh turkeys on offer. They are Broad-breasted Whites and will be in the range of 20-25 lbs. dressed. They are $2.00/lb. and can be picked up at the Farmer's Market on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving from 7am - 12pm. Or, they can be picked up at the Ernst Farm at 9440 Spies Rd. west of Ann Arbor that afternoon, by prior arrangement.  …

Farmer's Marketing: October 20, 2007

       Chestnuts from Wolfe Orchard

I was really excited to find chestnuts at the market a couple of weeks ago.  I love chestnuts and it's rare to see them, especially chestnuts from Michigan. Although I recently found out about Chestnut Growers, Inc., a Michigan company, I don't remember seeing real chestnuts for sale at the market before. The first week I bought a bag for $5 even though they were smaller than acorns and we didn't really know how to roast them. 

Kimchi Workshop at Tantré

Last Sunday we got a spicy treat.  Deb and Richard's friend Boksoon gave a kimchi-making workshop using Tantré's great napa cabbage. Boksoon says the secret to great napa is when the base of the leaves is thin - then they are very sweet. Apparently, Tantré has some of the best and thinnest napa around.  The way Boksoon makes kimchi is the way her grandmother made it in Korea. 

Boksoon's Kimchi

Overview of the steps:

Farmer's Marketing: October 13, 2007

Marketing in mid-October is bittersweet. There are so many good things, but only for a short time longer.  Like the new Bread and Flowers stall which only started coming to market in July.  It's all organic, with stellar herb and cheese bread and kinda healthy cookies.  And their idea for having a bread CSA - pay one price for a 5-10 week commitment and get your bread at a reduced rate - is fantastic! …

Farmer's Marketer Outing: Mighty Good Open House

If you love good coffee you should know about Mighty Good Coffee. When B. found out that one of the main points in making good espresso is how recently the beans have been roasted,  a quest to seek out the freshest coffee ensued. This has to be it. You order online. They roast on Monday and Thursday and deliver on Tuesday and Friday. To your doorstep in Ann Arbor for free or FedEx for non-AA peoples.  …

Know Your Farmer at Brines Farm: Haps in the Hoophouse

Although I am sad that summer is closing, my friend Shannon Brines I think is happy about it. His operation growing fall and winter crops in a 3,000 square foot hoophouse comes into its own with the colder weather. He had a work day last weekend with his mom and 4 others of us to prepare for his second fall planting.   

So, what's a hoophouse? As I understand it, it's a kind of high-tech passive solar greenhouse that has been designed to extend the growing season in cold weather climates. …

Farmer's Marketing: October 6, 2007

The Farmer's Market feels like summer this week - in the 80s for some lovely last days. However, veg don't lie - the Tantré share this week has squash and brussel sprouts along with the red peppers. And greens, turnips and radishes are making a come-back as cool, damp weather in a facsimile of spring returns before heading directly to winter.  

Downtown Home and Garden Jam Contest

NEWSFLASH:  I got a message on the answering machine this morning that my raspberry-rose jam won first place in the jam contest and they want my recipe to publish in the Ann Arbor News!

For the first few years it was happening, I would hear about the jam contest just after it was over. I'd enter this fact in my personal "Register of Frustration and Deprivation." Several times. Then somehow, a couple of years ago,  the mental post-it note finally stuck: October is the jam tasting month - the month when 50 homemade jams are lined up in a row and someone else has toasted the bread for you. …

Three Way

That question about being stranded on an island and you can only take 3 things with actually has a very easy answer.  The answer is: toast, cheese and tomatoes. This is a combination  based upon the primordial grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch on which our country was founded (in the early 1960s, in case you were wondering). 

However, grilled cheese and tomato soup is such an excellent species that it has evolved into ever more delicious forms. …

Farmer's Marketer Outing: Eastern Market and Slow's BBQ

Eastern Market

We went to the Eastern Market in Detroit last Saturday with our intrepid friends, Michelle and Ali, and B.'s long-time friend (also NY jazz musician), Henry.   We've been wanting to see Eastern Market (in the triangle bordered by Mack Ave., I-75, and Gratiot) in full swing to learn how much of what they have comes from Michigan. We were also hoping to  look in on the pastry business of a friend's wife.

About Ye Farmer's Marketeer

She be a lady marketeer, yea with a childe and a husbande. She doth abide in the Arbour of Anne  midst fine gardens and small lands. She be called by the name of Kimberly - "from the royal fortress meadow."  Sendeth her a poste through the ether:

The Farmer's Marketer's parents taught her that real food is made at home and shared with your family and loved ones.  Her parents instilled in her a love of the finer things - especially pie and toast.  …

Tantré Work Party September 23, 2007

         The work part of work party

Something wonderful about what Deb and Richard do with Tantré Farm is connect their community with where food comes from.  They give tours and host events and workshops, they have member work days and potlucks three times each season. People are invited to come to the farm to visit or help out pretty much any time (with a little advance notice). 

If you're obsessed with food (like I am), and even if you have a kitchen garden (which I do), it's amazing to see food being grown on what seems like a very large scale. …

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