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Antique Apples at Lutz Orchard

Lutz Orchard

11030 Macon Rd., Saline, MI 48175

Phone: (734) 429-5145

Hours: Seasonal - call first

Bill Lutz's dairy farm and apple orchard are located amid lovely centennial farms that line Macon Road (an old Indian trail, he says) between Saline and Tecumseh.  Outside a sign advertises both Apples and Åpfels, a nod to the German lineage of Lutz's family, one of the many German families that settled in this part of Michigan. …

Downtown Home and Garden Jam and Pickle Contests

If yours is among the 1 in 4 American households that preserves and "puts by" some of its food these days, you might be excited to know you could be rewarded for your domestic industry.  Downtown Home and Garden is hosting its 11th Annual Jam Contest and Tasting on Saturday October 3rd.  And new this year, DTH follows the lead of the New York Food Museum's International Pickle Day (9th Annual this year on October 4th) and hosts the Downtown Home and Garden 
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