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Food Tour of Southwest Michigan - Part I

After a whirlwind visit to the beautiful fruit-growing southwest corner of this Great Lake State, I predict that we will soon be seeing this headline in the news: "Michigan is for Foodies."  We stayed in an old Grand Haven boarding house, but also drove out to the countryside in Fennville about 45 minutes away. The highways and byways outside the cities on the lake are gorgeous here - tree-lined roads with orchards, vineyards, blueberry plantations, and pumpkin patches everywhere. …

The Magic of Roasting

A great thing about having an obsession with food is that some of the best feeling in the world is totally within reach. Who cares about standing on top of a mountain or getting a standing ovation? What could be better than the feeling of endless possibility that comes from having a completely empty freezer? With an empty freezer, anything could happen. There's space. No worries. You can put in as many pints of homemade applesauce and loaves of bread and jars of raspberry jam as you want.  …

Homemade: Sauerkraut

Have you been reading up lately on the health benefits of "enlisting trillions of microscopic allies in your fight for survival" with lacto-fermented foods (like sauerkraut, yogurt, pickles, kimchi)?  One enthusiast says that not only do cultured and fermented foods strengthen the immune system, soothe the nervous system and help regulate weight and appetite, they are beneficial in "alleviating intestinal disorders and creating a healthier digestive system by supplying beneficial flora and bacteria (also called probiotics).  …

Food News September 02008

It's true that the rain that generously grows our food could not dampen the spirits of the people attending the HomeGrown Festival yesterday.  Though soggy, the event was totally delicious. The chefs cooked, the music grooved, and the people who came enjoyed a true taste of our beautiful state. 

Did I mention the food was fantastic?  My husband and I stood under the Slow's BarBQ tent and ate plate after plate of incredibly crisp, sweet, smoky hot wings while chef Brian Perrone looked on, amused at our enjoyment. …

HomeGrown Festival - September 13 from 11am-4pm

Were you there when the HomeGrown Festival was announced at Slow Food Huron Valley's Pie Lovers Unite! last year?  The time has flown and suddenly, after months of meeting, planning and working together, the weekend of the Festival is here!  Even without a Victory Garden at City Hall, the HomeGrown Festival feels like our own mini-version of Slow Food Nation to me.  The field behind Community High, just across from the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, is where this celebration of Michigan's farms and foods will take place. 


I'm not Catholic but I don't let that stop me from feeling some guilt, in equal measure with unbridled glee, every Saturday when we get the Tantré farm share box. Every single week, it's hard to believe our good fortune. Here's what we got in the farm share box this week:

- Four kinds of tomatoes

- Sweet red peppers

- Huge sweet onions

- Beets

- Leeks

- Potatoes

- Eggplant

- Summer squash

- Cucumber

Slow Food Nation Redux

I read somewhere that there are three truths - your truth, my truth, and the truth. Outstripping expectations, over 60,000 people came, saw, and ate at Slow Food Nation. While not perfect (what is?), it was an incredible gathering of people, food, ideas, and possibilities that totally blew my socks off. It made me believe that having a healthy food system may soon take its rightful place on our national political agenda. …

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