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Farmer's Marketing Saturday, September 22, 2007

   Salem Orchard Apples and Grapes

Salem Orchard

Beautiful concord grapes showed up last week from Salem Orchard. So sweet and seedy, they taste like the jar of jelly except 1000 times better. They don't stay long so get yours soon. The green ones taste the same as the purple but are called Niagara grapes. Salem also had some unusual varieties of apples. I bought Greening and Grimes apples and combined them with some Macintosh I had at home to make a fantastic apple crisp - so good we ate it again for breakfast.  …

Berry Good

Raspberries! I picked 3 quarts of gorgeous raspberries at Makielski's excellent berry farm last Thursday afternoon. It may have taken me close to 2 hours, but it was a beautiful sunny day and I was distracted by how pretty the berry fields are.  My plan for the berries was to make my special raspberry-rose jam to enter in Downtown Home and Garden's Jam Contest on October 6th.

The Makielski's don't spray with insecticides - only baking soda to keep powdery mildew at bay. …

Get Your John Harnois Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Last year we got our absolutely delicious Thanksgiving turkey from John Harnois. It was raised near Pinckney with its friends on John's wooded farm. It spent its days in total turkey happiness, that is, outside looking for grass, bugs, and seeds during the day and shoo-ed into the barn each night by John and his son.  

John gets a variety of turkey chicks in the spring, some old-fashioned Naragansetts

Farmer's Marketing Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Tantré farm (in Chelsea, MI) share this week includes kale (of course), potatoes, red peppers, carrots, turnips, brussel sprouts (yay!), tatsoi, other greens, basil, tomatoes, herbs.  To find out more about subscribing to their CSA for next year, email them at: 

See more info about Tantré at:

Wilson's Farm in Tipton, MI was certified organic in 2006. …

Farmer's Marketer Outing: Stucchi's in Saline

     What's in the freezer at Stucchi's

For the serendipity files

When Stucchi's generously donated several gallons of vanilla ice cream for the Slow Food "Pie Lovers Unite!" event a couple of weeks ago, I zipped over to their production facility at a small industrial park in Saline to pick it up. While I was waiting, I asked if it would be possible to see how the ice cream is made. Wow!  A fantastic peek behind the green curtain! 

Stucchi's is made in Michigan

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