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September is Local Food Month

Play the Pie Hole game at the HomeGrown Festival!

Even though several of us involved in the HomeGrown Festival have been working away at it for months, it came as a (happy!) surprise that Mayor Hieftje read and signed our Local Food Month Proclamation for September (see text below) quietly and without fanfare at a recent city council meeting.  Just a day or two after that we learned that Governor Granholm had just done the same thing by declaring September Local Food Month in Michigan. …

Grange Kitchen and Bar: Old Meets New

Not a week goes by lately that the New York Times, and now The Atlantic, doesn't have a big article on urban farming or local stone-ground flour or artisanal cheese-making. Farm-to-table dining is more popular than molecular gastronomy these days, as people make the amazing discovery that food with a known provenance may be even better than hot carrot foam.  

It was really just a matter of time before Ann Arbor caught up to this nationwide movement with its own dedicated farm-to-table restaurant. …

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