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Farmer's Marketing: San Francisco in August

Even though I've been in San Francisco for Slow Food Nation, I have of course found it necessary to squeeze in some Farmer's Marketing.  There are a whole lotta farmer's markets here - even though I only made it to two of them. There are apparently 100 more that I could have gone to.  

The one market practically everyone knows about is the beautiful boutique-y Ferry Plaza Farmers Market with star-quality vendors like

Superfast on Slow Food Nation

Just a quick post to note that a few of my photos made it into the San Francisco Chronicle's Between Meals blog about last night's SF Nation dinner in the Victory Garden. 

Notable about the dinner for me were getting to wear a big orange ribbon for being the "Table Host" and eating my first couple of kinds of oysters on the half shell.  They were salty like the sea and detectably different from each other. 

Slow Food Nation Begins

What I'm anticipating to be the Woodstock of food starts tomorrow in San Francisco at Slow Food Nation.  Today I visited the Slow Food Victory Garden that's been installed on the grounds of the Civic Center and which harkens back to the 1940s when there was a Victory Garden planted here for several years just after WWII. 

I talked briefly with the garden manager and designer, Kelsey Siegel, formerly the garden manager for the Edible Schoolyard Project. …

The Blueberry Patch

The great thing about peach and nectarine season is that it comes cheek by jowl with blueberry season.  Is there anything better than peach and blueberry pie, or crisp, or cobbler, or slump, or fool, or grunt or on your granola with yogurt in the morning?  How often can you have as many blueberries as you really want? 

The best way to get as many blueberries as I really want (many quarts anyways) is to put on my berry-picking hat and get out and pick them.  

A different red velvet cake

In general I am against the new crop of books that have titles something like "I don't really know how to instill good eating habits in my kids so I will sneak spinach into their brownies."  I know there are kids who have health issues that might make putting carrot puree into their pasta sauce necessary - but that's the exception.  So it seems strange to me that I was convinced to make this chocolate cake that has 2 cups of beets in it.  …

Pie Love and Lovers (United)

My favorite - pie with a bacon lattice crust

In 2002 the Farmer's Almanac held a National Dessert Election in which 30,000 people voted for the most American Dessert.  Almost 50% of the vote went to the top choice, and the second choice had only 14% of the vote.  This explains why, instead of saying "American as Strawberry Shortcake" everyone knows we're as "American as Apple Pie."  The results of the Almanac's survey on our most popular desserts show the following results:

Apricot Crazy

Most years they're here and gone before I get around to noticing that apricots grow in Michigan.  Two weeks only, maybe a little more and then no more for another whole year.  With their soft, rosy, golden cheeks I just want to take home a bushel or three and be completely surrounded by apricots. If I could I would sleep on a bed of apricot fuzz and wear apricot perfume. 

The Pedia of Wiki says there is "an Egyptian proverb that says "Fel meshmesh" (English translation: "in the apricot") which is used to refer to something that will not happen because the apricot disappears from the market in Egypt so shortly after it has appeared." …

Come to Dinner in the Vineyard on Sunday, August 10th

The other night I was walking over to a friend's house and it was one of those perfect summer evenings where the golden light of the sun going down makes you feel like you're in a Norman Rockwell painting. Some neighbors had set a pretty dinner table out on the front lawn and were taking their cocktails on the veranda to the strains of a saxophone floating out from inside.  The grill was going and I was imagining how great it would feel to be coming to their party. 

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