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Farmer's Marketer Outing - The Ugly Mug

  The Ugly Mug Cafe, 317 W. Cross St.

Oh fine coffee - why are you so hard to find in the supposed foodie heaven that is Ann Arbor? Since B. started reading CoffeeGeek on his quest to make the perfect espresso at home, it's been hard to find coffee in town that measures up.  There are a couple of great local roasters, namely Mighty Good, (our current top pick) which roasts the night before they deliver it to your doorstep. And Roos Roast

Hot pink vichyssoise or What to do with kohlrabi

Into every farm share, a little kohlrabi must fall. That odd little green or purple softball that is the swollen stem of a cabbage family member. Did you know that Hamburg Township calls itself the Kohlrabi Capital of the World? Nobody seems to know what to do with a kohlrabi when they have one.   On my quest to use up what's in the farm share box, I've made an easy and wonderful soup that confirmed beet-haters love - with the help of a kohlrabi, leeks, and potatoes.  …

The prettiest flowers at the market - Goetz Farm

             Goetz Farm Flowers

I'm always surprised to learn how far people drive to sell at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market. The lady at Goetz Farm says she drives over 2 hours to get here. She must get up pretty early in the morning to arrange her gorgeous flowers.

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