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Farmers Marketing: July 26, 2008

There's too much to talk about these days and not enough time to write it all down.  It's the best part of the season at the market, with raspberries, peaches, corn, and tomatoes all here already. It's the time of year when dinner practically falls onto the plate and it's hard keeping the house from collapsing into a whirling vortex of fruit flies. 

The main news of today was talking again with Archie Jennings of


Mexican truffles, corn mushrooms, huitlacoche, corn smut ....which one of these would you want to eat? I've ordered huitlacoche in some of the nicer Mexican restaurants in Chicago, but I've never seen it in Ann Arbor.  Last Wednesday at the market I heard the Tantré folks saying they had some "Mexican truffles" and was excited to see huitlacoche on sale for the first time. As one of those plush Ann Arbor people, I would certainly never eat corn smut, but bring on the Mexican truffles!  

Why Yes, It's Ladies Night

The travails of the blogger are silent and solitary as she toils in the (psychological) mines, chained to the keyboard. Her family may be either blissfully asleep or occupied with finding a cure for cancer. Or volunteering at the orphanage or perhaps getting super-powers in level 58 of World of Warcraft.   

But just like Cinderella, we sometimes get to put on the glass slippers and come out for a magical evening. …

Pork and Greens

I'm not sure this photo adequately captures it, but we are still eating a LOT of greens. Since I'm interested in farm share best practices, one thing I've noticed is that it's best to eat the most perishable things first.  The turnips can sit in the frigo for a week, but those delicate, fine cut greens had better get gone. 

Since the greens go on and on, I wanted to post a recipe that I made that was pretty successful at our house and that used up some of the trickier greens that we've been getting - namely the spicy greens, plus any miscellaneous others (turnip tops, beet greens, carrot fronds anyone?) …

Pie Season

It's probably because the Pie Lovers Unite! event is coming up on Saturday, July 19th, but every time I go to the market all I see are pie precursors.  The tart cherries especially have had an other-worldly ruby glow that calls to me..... 

Last year's event totally knocked my socks off. Here's the low-down on this year's great Slow Food Pie Extravaganza coming up next Saturday (remember to bring your friends and neighbors)! 

Not Paving Paradise Today

Today I heard someone describe Ann Arbor as the city Austin used to be.  As compared to the Austin that's now overdeveloped sprawl.  And I heard a friend originally from another state describe Ann Arbor as a place that has all these world famous amazing things that the people who live here don't even know about - like the Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive (with a new exhibit on Charity Cookbooks

Eastern Marketing: July 5, 2008

Marketing this weekend was a double header. First to the Ann Arbor market to pick up the farm share and the last of the Frog Holler (perfect) strawberries. And finally finding the Jennings Bros. heritage grain vendor from dear old Nashville, MI. I will soon be making cornbread with Bloody Butcher cornmeal!  

The main story, though, was getting a wonderful tour of newly renovated portions of Detroit's Eastern Market

I Make Mayonnaise

As part of the other campaign we're having at home, to whit, eating down lower on the processed food chain, I've started making stuff that I used to buy at the store. Namely, last week, mayonnaise.  I actually love Hellman's mayonnaise, so I'm not convinced yet that it's something that needs to happen as much as my other new-found unprocessed love - granola.  Still, I have these beautiful fresh eggs from Rebecca and I've been wanting to see if I could make a mayonnaise emulsify.  …

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