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In Which There are 3 Small Tales of Culinary History

Tale 1: A few months ago my pistol-packing, dirty-joke-telling, watercolor-artist and great cook of a grandmother started me down the road of collecting antique cookbooks when she handed me a tattered 1888 volume of The Grand Rapids Cook Book and Illustrated Price List from H. Leonard's Sons and Co.  A reprint of The Old Congregational Cook Book, the original price was: $1.00. The first page is "Hints for Housekeepers," including:

Things You Learn

Last weekend may have been the loveliest weekend of the year to be at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market. I think that pretty much every week from now until December.  But I know for sure last weekend was a good one. There are some great things happening at the market!  

Cindy and her friend were there doing a live strawberry jam canning demonstration with a huge pile of summer strawberries.  And Cindy was even wearing her great

What's in the Farm Share Box(es)

So Mary over at Community Farm Kitchen has been cooking up wonderful sounding food from her member's shares of the beautiful Community Farm of Ann Arbor (the oldest CSA farm in our area - and one of the first CSA farms in this country).  Kate and Sarah have been posting about what they're doing with the shares from Tantré, and the Annarbivore is sharing the love from Our Family Farm.  Local food is seasonal food and we're not used to cooking just with what's available any more. …

Avalon International Breads

Hey, we actually left the bubble last weekend!  Our roadtrip to The Thumb took us through Detroit with hopes of some Kansas City style brunch at Slow's Bar-B-Q over in Corktown.  If you have a similar hankering for ribs on a weekend morning, know this - Slow's doesn't open until noon on Sunday!  

Luckily, Avalon Bakery is just a couple of miles away at 422 Willis between 2nd Ave. and Cass, in a gentrifying neighborhood just behind Wayne State.  …

Mighty Good Coffee Kiosk

Move over Espresso Royale, there's a new kid on the block. David Myers' Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Company just opened a new "coffee kiosk" at 118 S. Main Street in Ann Arbor. It's a fun, bright space, with wood floors, and a huge window looking out on Main from the trademark red Mighty Good counters.  Kiosk because it's walk-up and take-away only - unless you happen to be a member of (and have a Zigbee key fob for) the other new venture that just opened in the back of 118 S. …

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