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Another Turn of the Crank: Farm Share Season Returns

Finally, finally, finally the time of year when our week revolves around what's in the box from Tantré Farm.  

It's an interesting evolution that people go through in the process of deciding on a CSA membership - the first response from non-believers is that it's too confining to have to eat whatever is in the box that week.  Better just to buy what you want, they say. 

But I've come to believe the opposite.  …

The Great American Bake Sale

I noticed a sign in the window of the Jefferson Market and Cakery yesterday, and today I went back and took a photo of it.  It says:

The Great American Bake Sale
What: To help kids who don't have any food (kids in our area). 
When: Wednesday, May 20th, after school, 3:45-4:30
Where: Jefferson Market
Put together by: Brownie Troop 542

I'm dearly hoping that the Brownies will be selling brownies. …

Grow Some of Your Own Food

It's been a little quiet around the blog lately while I've been wrapped up in some real world adventures like: teaching a workshop at the Michigan Friends Center's day-long conference called Eating Local Foods: Nourishing Local Communities ; visiting Old Pine Farm for an interview with Kris Hirth and sons about their meat CSA; documenting the Clements Library's Exhibit on 500 Years of Grapes and Wine in America

Pea shoots: De-vine

On the phone a few weeks ago with a friend who lives in Minneapolis, I listened jealously as she described what they were already getting at their farmer's market, all the crazy asian greens, and how much she especially loves the pea shoots. Pea shoots? 

Always ready to whinge about my sad vegetable fate at the tail end of winter, I lamented the fact that while the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market has fabulous produce, apart from the occasional emu egg, it's pretty mainstream. …

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