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Living Food: Tantré Season Begins

"If we choose to feed ourselves responsibly, if we feed ourselves with fresh, living, local food, we have to interact with purveyors who are trying to live on the earth in a harmonious and responsible way. After several years of buying food from such people in a farmers market, one has all kinds of understanding: about agricultural economy and risk, and the heroic effort required to husband the land and its life-sustaining resources: about who the farmers are and what they grow best; and about the freshness and seasonality of food and what things smell and taste like. …

Soup for Eggs

I'm entering a new realm of the food adventure: bartering.  It's fabulous. Rita, a friend who knows that I'm having this food obsession, took special care to introduce me to a friend of hers who has chickens saying "you two need to talk!"  It turns out that Rita's graceful friend, Rebecca, has a flock of almost 2 dozen chickens that have the run of her place out near Chelsea. She doesn't sell her extra eggs, but she does trade them for things.  

The Fastest Food

Is leftovers. It's also my favorite food group after toast.  There are at least 2 kinds of leftovers - the kind that just needs to be re-heated to be eaten and the kind that needs to be made into something new and exciting. 

I was in my 30s before I finally got a microwave that made the re-heating part push-button simple. I still have a tiny bit of that feeling that we should be wearing tinfoil hats when we turn it on, but I've learned to stop worrying and love the expedience. …

Spoils of Springtime On Toast

One of the biggest bummers of traveling in a foreign country or of camping is usually the complete lack of toast. People think of toast as mainly a breakfast item, but toast deserves to be incorporated into the other meals of the day much more frequently.  At breakfast time, plain toast with butter is excellent. But we all know that toast's main responsibility is to serve as a conveyance for delightful things, especially later in the day.  …

Farmer's Marketing: May 24, 2008

It's greens time again. The market these weeks is mostly a festival of greens - lots of people with different lettuces, a bit of spinach and then the more unusual greens offerings at Garden Works - sunflower sprouts, baby chard, spicy mustard greens and spring salad mix (unless I'm forgetting).  

Garden Works has their by-the-pound organic greens in big plastic tubs to keep them moist.  I understand that Garden Works was one of the first organic farms in this area and they remain one of the only ones (or perhaps the only one?) …

News in Food

In case you haven't seen the links below, I thought they were noteworthy. I appreciate how items like this are becoming part of the daily media and our cultural conversation.

I'm sorely tempted to drive over to Oceana for the National Asparagus Festival in June....I've been hearing about the asparagus movie for a while.  And I was pretty impressed with the Raj Patel interview. Can't wait to get his book - it's starting to make sense to me why I get angry when I walk into a grocery store these days.  

License to Grill: Paella

Even after this weekend's fabulous meal, I could count the number of times I've eaten paella on one hand.  But after this weekend, I feel like I could actually make a paella, perhaps even on the grill like our talented hosts did. 

Apparently, paella is something that inspires people to go whole hog on things.  We heard stories about the mythical Gary who had special tools forged and built a beautiful table to fit his gigantic paella pan. …

Farmer's Marketing: May 17, 2008

Perhaps I haven't been paying attention, but Rachel told me about a couple of deals at the Farmer's Market that I hadn't noticed before. Zingerman's sells both its City Goat (now in tarragon, rosemary, and black pepper flavours) AND the Sharon Hollow (cow and goat cheese, also in black pepper, plus garlic/chive) at the regular price of $7 and $6 each, respectively....but they also sell them at 2 for $10. …

A Handmade Farm: Frog Holler Organic Farm

Caring about this corner of the world is what makes that little quivery feeling inside my chest when I'm caught up in a lovely moment at a community event or notice something tender, like the unexpected generosity of a friend or a beautiful thing that someone has made. That, for better or worse but certainly for true, is how much of a sap I am.    

That feeling of appreciating what someone has made with their own hands, out of ingenuity and perseverance, is part of what is endlessly fascinating to me about our farms. …

Finding Local Food and Bringing It Home For Dinner

Slow Food Huron Valley has some great events on the horizon. One coming up soon is "Finding Local Food and Bringing It Home For Dinner: Supporting Our Farms." Taking place at Ann Arbor's Main Library downtown on Thursday, May 22 at 7:00pm, this panel discussion is going to highlight a couple of our finest nearby CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms - Tantré Farm and Old Pine Farm - and a great local business,

My Edible Estate

The reward of weeding my lawn by hand this afternoon (rather than spraying #*$&@! ChemLawn like some of my neighbors) is getting to eat dinner from my own yard.  I felt a tiny wave of shock and blinked to make sure I wasn't daydreaming when I saw 2 perfect morel mushrooms, whistling innocently with their hands in their pockets, lounging in a forgotten corner. Finding those odd little space aliens inspired me to finally try cooking some of the many dandelions I have been pulling up by hand.  …

Marketing in Omaha: May 3, 2008

The Omaha Farmer's Market opened this past Saturday, May 3. Like the Ann Arbor Market, it's been around about 100 years. This Omaha market (in the past couple of years 2 more have opened in the city) is only on Saturdays and only open until October. So the pale and sun-bedazzled people who were there on opening day looked pretty darn happy to be marketing. 

The market takes place downtown at 11th and Jackson, in an area left over from yesteryear and reminiscent of our Kerrytown. …

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