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A Tale of Two Suppers

Don't think that I don't feel guilty about eating yummy things all the time. I do. Some things make me guiltier than others, especially as I try to wrestle ideas about food security to the ground and consider the realities of rising food costs and ask myself about the responsibilities of a privileged person in society today.  Getting a trip to Paris is a luxury.  Add fancy meals on top of that and it's almost more than a lefty liberal can handle. …

Cheese on the Rue Mouff

The Rue Mouffetard in the 5eme arrondissment is one of the oldest streets in Paris, one of several formerly Gallo-Roman roads from Paris' 1st century days as Lutece. The picturesque Rue Mouff is often crowded with tourists and non-tourists, likely because it has lovely food and wine shops and also a pretty market.  I like going to the Mouff because one of my favorite cheese shops is there - Androuet

Coffee Culture in Paris

Some people at our house are pretty serious about their coffee. So serious that they've gone and bought this Aerobie Aeropress thingy for camping and travel that actually makes a decent espresso substitute. However, it's only good on a trip if you remember to bring it.  If you did bring it, though, you'd be missing out on the myriad different ways people in Paris enjoy their coffee. 

There's a coffee and cafe culture here that is very interesting. …

How to Eat in Paris Chez Vous

You've decided to indulge your fantasy of living in Paris (plus save money at the same time), so you've foresworn the hotel and rented a flat in a quiet neighborhood through something like Vacation Rentals by Owner.  You've made your way beyond those massive, intricate doors lining every street and you're enjoying your (relatively) spacious living quarters, the wifi, and the laundry facilities (not bringing as many clothes means more room for

Farmer's Marketing: Paris in April

In addition to all the little boulangeries, charcuteries, and fromageries, Paris has an amazing system of rotating district markets in each arrondissement - you can find one or two open most any day of the week. When a simple breakfast at a neighborhood cafe, including 2 coffees and a single croissant, costs 14 euros (or $20+), it's the perfect time to stock up on some groceries to cut down on the number of meals out. …

Farmer's Marketing: April 19, 2008

The ever-present potential for surprise and delight has to be at the top of the list of reasons the farmer's market is the best place to be on a Saturday morning. Last Saturday was a case in point. Have you ever seen an emu egg? 

Joan Ernst, of Ernst Farm, had emu eggs for sale. They are improbably large, heavy, and greenly speckled. Holding one feels about like cradling a newborn's head, which seems apt. …

Drink Up: April is Michigan Wine Month

Did you know that Governor Granholm issued a Certificate of Proclamation for Michigan Wine Month this April? So that's how they get their own month. Michigan, I learned recently, has a long history of grape and wine production, pre-dating the Civil War.  The main wine production in the US shifted to southeast Michigan and along Lake Erie after disease destroyed what had been the largest wine producing region along the Ohio River near Cincinnati.  …

Sunchoke Season

The People's Food Co-op is such a great little store. I love that you can walk there from downtown (the only grocery store supporting those buzzwords of the moment - urban density). They have the best salad bar in town and it's a place I count on to get my Croissant Shop pastries. It's great that they are just an apple toss from the Farmer's Market, and that the store is small yet somehow seems to carry everything I need for groceries and household items.  …

What Does Cheaper Mean?

I have a confession to make: Little Miss Farm Fresh Food got some french fries at McDonald's recently. And I was shocked when I found out that my medium order of french fries (do they still have a regular size?) cost $2.39. I was so surprised, I asked the cashier - "Seriously, $2.39?"  And indeed, I had not mis-heard. 

Since I work with the wonderful Slow Food Huron Valley, I'm conscious of the fact that some people have the misconception that Slow Food=elitist gourmet food snobs. …

Bummer in the City

Since the city is raising our water bill significantly to help pay for storm water run-off, I was motivated to call and register for the credit we get for having a rain barrel. But it also burns my (expletive deleted);  if we're concerned about the problems of storm water run-off, why is it that the city continues to allow building development in our floodplains (which increases storm water pollution, flow rates, and amounts)?  …

Pancetta, A Bacon By Any Other Name

Among the benefits of carrying on this obsession with food in a public format is that from time to time I get an unexpected gift of some fabulous homemade food. I have been the undeserving fortunate recipient of jars of lovely sauerkraut from Vivienne, a pot of beautiful golden Seville orange marmalade from Julie, and most recently, a pound of picture-perfect pancetta from Gonzalo. 

Pancetta is Italian for bacon. …

I Heart Silvio's

The first time I had Silvio's pizza it was a desperation lunch. I had been walking by the sign outside for "Silvio's Organic Pizza" for several months. I'm not a big fan of the greasy too-cheesy pizza that's endemic to this town, so even the "organic" thing wasn't very motivational. Every time I walked by the Silvio's sign, I remembered instead the chicken salad on a croissant that I used to have at Jacques Patisserie, and the limeade I loved at Drakes before that, and sighed.  

The Return of JeffMark!

It's a sure sign of spring that Jefferson Market has re-opened. I know there's been a lot of excitement in my neighborhood about this eagerly anticipated event. And today it's finally here! Thanks to my friend Rachel who bought a cake for her husband's birthday today (Happy Birthday John!), I even made it over there this morning. Here's what I found:

The same warm cozy space with bright new paint and beautiful flower arrangements from well-wishers; a new menu with tasty sounding sandwiches and homemade soups every day; a special kids menu; a few grocery items like Guernsey milk, Mighty Good coffee and John Harnois eggs; fabulous looking cakes, pies, "bon-bons," and other yummy desserts. 

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