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Happy Birthday Jefferson Market and Cakery!

Jefferson Market and Cakery (at Jefferson and Fifth St.) turns one year old on April 1st this year.  In honor of this auspicious event, they're having a little party with (free) birthday cake and coffee starting when they open at 8:00am. I hear the cake is going to be something special and have been given special dispensation to show up early for the photo op.  Can't wait to see!

In honor of April Fool's Day they're also having some fun with cupcakes.  …

Finding Out About Food Stamps

If you're on the email list to get the Farmer's Market Newsletter (sign up in the market office), or if you've been to the market recently and seen the cool signs, then you know the good news - that the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market recently started accepting the Bridge Card, also known as the EBT card, for what used to be known as food stamps.   

If you don't know what EBT is, you're part of a steadily shrinking population that is not receiving food assistance.  …

Comet Coffee

We were the first customers when Comet Coffee opened last Saturday morning at 8:00am.  Jim and Erin were fiddling with the espresso machine and re-arranging the pastries until we came in. The credit card machine was dysfunctional, but that was the only thing out of order during our visit. This opening with the promise of truly fine coffee has been a much anticipated event at our house.  

They've done a great job with making the small space feel bright and airy. …

Spring at last

I knew it was coming when I saw a flock of robins (yes, an entire flock) shivering in an icy tree over a month ago. It may be a few more weeks before it gets fancied up with purple crocus and pink dogwood blooms....and as we know, April is the cruelest month...but, spring is almost here.  Really. I'm not just saying that. 

And how do I know?  Well, there were probably 25 vendors at the market last Saturday instead of only 5.  …

Why is Fungi So Hard to Find?

A dispatch from back in my pirate days just a short time ago....Fungi in the Caribbean is a kind of cornmeal based dish - a lot like polenta, often with okra in it. But very few restaurants seem to serve it. Same with callaloo, pate, and plantains. For these and other traditional foods, there must be a secret Virgin Islands that we have yet to find. 

In Tortola, we've served ourselves Ting (grapefruit soda) and Carib (beer) and watched the cats play on the roof while we waited for dinner at the Roti Palace, we've followed the smell of BBQ grilled chicken and "stuffing" (potatoes) to nighttime food vendors, and we've shopped at the Rite-Way grocery which had a few wrinkly brown cassava roots,  but still not seen anything approaching (what I imagine to be glorious) native island foods.  …

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